Civil Engineering Exam Results (January 2008)

Congratulations to our kailiyans who passed the civil engineering exam held November 2007/January 2008. If you know someone who took the exam and are wondering whether s/he made it, check out the names here.

Meanwhile, as is our practice, we’re going to publish the passing rate of Cordillera schools to embarrass those, ehem, diploma mills. That is, if they have the capacity to be embarrassed.

Baguio Central University: 13% (3 out of 24)
Mt. Province State Polytechnic College: 22% (5 out of 23)
St. Louis University: 63% (45 out of 72)
University of Baguio: 19% (4 out of 21)
University of the Cordilleras: 37% (25 out of 67)

The national passing rate is 41%. Kakahiya itong BCU at UB, after their students paid them humongous tuition fees talo pa sila ng MPSPC where the tuition fee is free.


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