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Know Your Officials: Kalinga Congressman Manuel Agyao

First term Kalinga Congressman Manuel Agyao (2nd from left) poses with some of his constituents during a trade fair in Manila. Photo courtesy of Marciano Paroy/

Know more about the Congressman’s legislative initiatives in his congressional page. He is the vice chair of three committees: National Cultural Communities, Public Works, and Rural Development. To date he has sponsored 14 bills mostly pertaining to the creation of schools or barangays.

Rep. Agyao used to be the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Assistant Secretary for Northern Luzon. He’s one of the very few iCordilleras in government service who reached the Asec (Assistant Secretary) level.

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Governor Diasen’s First 100 Days

Here’s the report of Kalinga Governor Floydelia Diasen on her first 100 days in office. From the official website of Kalinga province:

The political lane is one less travelled by me before. But because of your overwhelming support it now became an avenue that shall serve as my linkage to you in delivering the reciprocate of the mandate that you have given me.

My being a newbie in the arena has not deterred my strong determination to fulfil the development thrusts especially the PEACE vision I have outlined upon my assumption into office.

Of course the road has been rough and tough considering the complicated situation that I’ve been through right from the start, but against all these odds, and with your usual support, we have been able to start it right rowing towards a common direction that fits our vision for a better Kalinga. With full humility, allow me then to present some highlights on my first 100 days in office.
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