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Our Town: Flora, Apayao

How did the town of Flora, Apayao got it’s name? If it’s your typical Cordillera town it’s naming story would go like this:

“Once upon a time, a foreigner got lost in town. He met a fair maiden and asked, ‘What is the name of this place?’ The fair maiden thought that the foreigner was asking who she was and so she said, ‘Flora’. And so the foreigner took his book and wrote Flora as the name of the place.”

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Roundup: Around the Boondocks

We haven’t been doing any roundup for sometime now so we think it’s high time to do it again. Here goes:

More Chris and Charlie: Remember our kailiyans who are in contention to become the “King of Filipino Migrant Workers in Korea? We blogged about them here. We hope that you followed Layad’s example and voted for either of the two here.

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Quote of the Day

“This means that Kaelco (Kalinga-Apayao Electric Cooperative) lost 249,350.55 kilowatt/hour (kwh) to pilferers or roughly P1.9 million. The monthly subsidy should have been used to maintain power lines and electrify off-grid barangays.” — Kaelco Member Service Division Chief Cliford Alunday

Read the story at Sunstar Baguio.