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Bad News: Abra’s Violent Politics Claims Two More Lives

Ano bang meron ang hangin sa Abra at masyadong marahas ang pulitika doon? The latest victim is Abra Representative Luis Bersamin Jr. who was killed December 16 at the Mt. Carmel Church in Quezon City where he attended a niece’s wedding. His bodyguard, policeman Adelbo Ortega was also slain. More information here.

A church is supposed to be a safe place where one can lay one’s guard down but maybe its precisely this sense of safety that makes it easy for political assassins to target their victims. Maybe these killers have been getting pointers from mafia movies where protagonists are killed right after they get out of churches. (Like in the Godfather movies, you know.)

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Itneg Victory Chant: Idemdem Malida

Ever heard of Idemdem Malida? It is a traditional Itneg victory chant arranged into a chorale piece by Prof. Elmo Makil. This video is an interpretation of the song by the University of the Philippines Concert Chorus. The singers look kinda silly with all that arms-waving (I’m not sure it fits the song) but they really sing well. Nice eh?

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