Bloody Hell

Are these the signs of the apocalypse?

►Nine people were killed while nine others were wounded during a gun battle between squatters and police authorities in Rizal, Kalinga. [More at ABS-CBN and Kalinga Tambayan Blog.] We really have serious land problems in the Cordilleras.

►A known ally of Abra Governor-elect Takit Bersamin was shot dead while driving a tricycle in Bangued. [Sunstar] Meanwhile, the wife of Tineg Mayor Edwin Crisologo died one month after she was shot by a supporter of her husband’s political rival. [Inquirer]

►A soldier by the name of Pvt. Joefrey Dirain was killed while two others were wounded during an armed encounter between soldiers and NPA rebels in Tubo, Abra. [Journal]

►Two buses were robbed in Ifugao. A brave woman passenger named Mary Pay-an Mangibin fought the robbers and was killed. [Northern Dispatch]

►A bank collector named Renel Esquivas of the Summit Bank in La-Trinidad, Benguet was robbed and mauled by robbers. [Sunstar]

►Okay this is old news but we are talking about the Apocalypse here and this may yet be the best proof that the endtimes is near: A priest in Bontoc, Mt. Province was accused of repeatedly raping a convent girl while a lay worker was accused of molesting her in a different occasion. [Northern Dispatch]

►Meantime, iBaguios are stewing in their own filth (in their bad air to be exact). According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the air pollution in the city is almost twice over the normal level.

►Amidst these depressing reports, the good news is that you can now send emails to Jesus. Here’s a sample:

Dear Jesus: Can you please tell me why you took my grandma to heaven? What was her purpose. I miss her and send her a kiss for me. Love, Sarah

And how did Jesus reply?

Dear child: Our facilities are better than that home your parents stuck her in.

You can read more emails to Jesus (and, horror of horrors, Satan too) here.

4 thoughts on “Bloody Hell”

  1. Officials in Kalinga should take squatting as a serious problem and go after the culprits, be they relatives, tribemates or friends
    Good job, to the mayor of Rizal.

  2. Jesus’ email reply sounds like my late Uncle’s sentiments. 😉

    I don’t think those are signs of the apocalypse. That’s just reality unfortunately. If I opened the newspaper right now, I’m sure to find similar stories of robberies. A Catholic priest accused of sexual misconduct? That’s not uncommon here in the states unfortunately. Land problems? Just ask the Israelis/Palestinians about land problems. The media covering Paris Hilton like it was real news? Now THAT is a sign of the apocalypse.

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. I agree that the law should be imposed no matter who will be affected.

    Hi Trublue,
    Bigla tuloy akong nag-google ng Soylent Green. What a scary future ano, where people will be eating each other. Thanks.

    Hi Wil,
    Yup. I was thinking about it when I was reading your post.

    Haha, tama ka, the media’s mindless coverage of Paris is the real sign of the apocalypse. Thanks.

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