Blog Roundup: 13 March 2008

* It is a sad day indeed when artists stop doing what they’re doing because of piracy. Dexter See reports that “artists in the Cordillera have stopped production of original compositions due to the rampant piracy which has resulted in bankruptcy among the local producers.” More at the NPT Blog.

* Check out the Sagada Guides’ photos of men in G-String, er, loin cloth. Maybe this will answer the question on whether Igorots wear underwear which we posted about here, eh?

* Our new sibling in the blogosphere, The Mountains of Kalinga, has a post on some common Kalinga words as well as some common Taloctoc sentences. Interestingly, some are like Kankanaey. For instance the Taloctoc “Ingkayon ot” for “Go ahead!” would be “Engka yo et” in our language.

* Watson has a review of the Cordillera Coffee in SM Baguio. The long and short of it: Nice looking cafe, service needs improvement. [Baguio-Quezon]

* Via A Raconteur’s Attempt, we discover a kailiyan who is a flight nurse. Wow. That would be a glamorous job, no? Not really according to iTadian Ruthie Bilagot. Read her post here.

One thought on “Blog Roundup: 13 March 2008”

  1. Those “hunks” in G-strings posted at Sagada Guides are really lookers…I mean those seated on the rocks :-).

    Opened my BlogPatrol and got lots of link from “kaigorotan”. Forgot it was you, I’m used to “iboondocks and igorot blogger” gamen. Thanks again Bill!

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