Benguet Governor Maximo Dalog?

Image from Sunstar Baguio

Benguet Governor Maximo Dalog? Well, that’s according to Sunstar Baguio. We’re kinda tired pointing out to people that Banaue is not in Mt. Province, that Sagada is not in Ifugao, that Tabuk is in Kalinga, etc, etc but people committing those mistakes don’t know any better and are thus forgivable.

But Sunstar Baguio should know better because it IS Sunstar Baguio. Okay, it may be a typographical error which sometimes happen but still….

Anyways, the Sunstar article is about the Dominguez clan’s opposition to Domogan’s appointment as the caretaker of Mt. Province. As we said here and here we should have an election to reflect the choice of the people.

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