6 thoughts on “Baguio Earthquake 1990”

  1. I was also going to post on this topic shortly. Anyway, I guess it’s kinda appropo that whoever created the video used Alan Jackson’s music since mahilig ang Baguio folk sa country. 😉 About the video itself, I sort of have mixed feelings about it. The first half was good, showing how buildings were damaged, etc. The 2nd half of the video? Well, the 2nd half says that Baguio will rise. yes, it will rise, but to what? Pictures of overcrowded streets, too much traffic, overpopulation, and a gigantic mall? Is that how Baguio should rise? I just thought that part of the video was strange.

    Anyway, I’ll post my Baguio earthquake post shortly, but it will not involve a country song. 😉

  2. In over a week, it’s been 17 years since the devastation. Just reviewed Mr Sam Dangpa’s video again, and I have to admit, was really optimistic at that time such catastrophe will drive people away from Baguio….but…
    Believe also this was where I heard Ms Cory Aquino after the deadly consequences of mother nature said: “Let’s pray na lang”! I construed that as an allegory of weakness or just a motherly image of a president that was quite confused and helpless.
    Even those “hard core thugs” got to their knees and prayed and that showed how scary the earthquake was.
    Well, at least naman Wil, Baguio is on it’s feet, still embracing the influx of documented flips!
    I’ll run amok only if I hear da late John D’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”!! That’s gotta be one of the suckiest country songs made.
    For me it’s torture, maiiyak talaga
    ako, hahaha…nakikinig yata si Ferri and FBI? Cheers!!!!

  3. masasabi ko lang..baguio is very beautiful before the earthquakes, now it’s no longer what the architects have plan for……….pero nice video actually nga lang wag sana gumamit ng pa old effects because it is a piucture not a video after all.

  4. Hi Wil,
    Good points 🙂 Looking forward to reading your post on this. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Cory Aquino’s reputation didn’t come out well after the earthquake. She looked helpless and clueless which is very unbecoming for a president. [Although from a historical perspective, she is a much better President than Gloria hehe.]

    Hi Nats,
    Hehe, hindi ka naman siguro sasabunin. I think I agree with you about the effects, coz it can get distracting. Thanks.

  5. anyway, tapos na ang lahat….

    8z just reminiscing the past, ryt?
    we can’t do anything about that earthquake anymore…..

    Thank God,were still alive, that’s all…..

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