Badjao Roots: Kalinga Dreadlock Rastaman

So it’s common knowledge that we people from the boondocks can sing country music. We can also yodel, rock the house, do fun songs, and pay a music tribute to our heroes. But can we sing reggae?

Of course, check out the above video by Badjao Roots, a group composed of singers from Cordi. They did a really good job mixing reggae with sallidummay. Way to go Badjao Roots! (Pero hindi kaya magagalit ang mga kapatid nating Badjao for your appropriation of their name? Just asking. Hehe.)

VIDEO CREDIT: swap92. Hat tip: Kalinga Tambayan.

6 thoughts on “Badjao Roots: Kalinga Dreadlock Rastaman”

  1. I love it! Share ko din with my fellow bagos at the Sagunto Star. I always find something interesting everytime I come to your blog 😀

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