Apayao’s Fruit For the Gods

Who says you can’t grow durian, the best-tasting but worst-smelling fruit ever, in Apayao? The above photo courtesy of the Philippine Information Agency/Cordillera is proof that you can. Delmar Carino has a related story at the Inquirer.


6 thoughts on “Apayao’s Fruit For the Gods”

  1. “Fruit for the Gods” is a misnomer. Even Andrew Zimmerman on Bizarre Foods on TV who eats anything spitted durian in an episode shot in Thailand. Me and my friends did the same thing first time we tasted this fruit. Hopefully though, the people of Apayao will enjoy this fruit that taste like a combination of spoiled garlic and onions. We all have different taste buds afterall. Sir Bill, I’m curious how you like durian?

  2. Wonderful!

    Friends of mine joined me and my family during our recent summer holiday in Malaysia – while we were in Penang, they wouldn’t stop until they got hold of Durian – heheh, which to tell you the truth is not really my favourite fruit.

    I say Bravo! I will tell my friends that durian is now homegrown.


  3. Hi Tabukena,
    Yup tama ka, misnomer talaga yung fruit for the gods. Pero ginamit ko lang because I can’t think of a better title hehe.

    I think depende din yata sa variety. The durian I had didn’t smell that bad naman but I didn’t also find it to be really delicious. For me, mas masarap pa yung langka hehe. Thanks 🙂

    Hi manila bay watch,
    I think it’s also an acquired taste so those of us who are not used to it are not really into it. I love durian candy though. Thanks 🙂

  4. Who would eat this fruit if it tastes like “spoiled garlic and onions” as insinuated by Tabukena?
    I’ve never tried this fruit but TruPink said it really stinks yet it’s good. But spoiled g and o is not encouraging. Cheers to the people of Apayao and hoping for more fruitful profit.

  5. Hi Trublue,
    Hehe, you might end up liking it. I remember being grossed out by the weird and kinda smelly red egg but eventually developed a liking for it. Maganda siyang ihalo sa kamatis.

    Yup, cheers for our friends in Apayao. Hope they have bountiful durian harvests 🙂

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