Welcome the Year of the Rat

Are you a rat? Then chances are you will be very lucky this year according to Madam Auring. Don’t know how dogs like me will fare in the year of the rat but I’m hoping that it will be a lucky year hehe.

Anyways, I was watching TV last night when this activist from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) appeared on screen and asked people to not trap rats in their homes. I was like, “Huh, lady. Are you crazy? Isn’t your time better spent on saving pandas, baby seals, and the endangered Philippine eagle?”

Rats are rats. Like cockroaches, they are the most likely to survive a nuclear war. They have a better survival mechanism than us human beings. So why is PETA wasting resources protecting these pesky house rats?

Sorry PETA, I like you most of the time but rats are my number one enemy at home. However, maybe I’ll get on board if you’re going to do a campaign to protect ousted House Speaker Joe de Venecia so he can rat out the dirty details he knows about Gloria’s cheating, corruption, and abuse of power.

I do agree though that field rats play an important role in maintaining balance in our ecosystem. So I will most likely ignore a field rat when I see one.

5 thoughts on “Welcome the Year of the Rat”

  1. Gong Si Fa Chai, Sir BB! Ang real translation daw nito is “Come, money, come!” Hehehehe…

    Sabi da, masarap daw field rats. I think you should think again the next time you let field rats pass you by =)

  2. hello! speaking of rats, kanina sa news, may isang salaulang House este palace rat pala. nakakasulak ng dugo yung tita mong si miriam :)nakita n’yo ba yun? how she tried to rip the witness…

  3. Hi Fongakahn,
    Is that what it means? Sana it will come true for me hehe.

    Oo nga, di ko pa natikman pero sarap daw field rats.

    Hi Failed,
    Hehe. Good suggestion. Thanks for dropping by, btw 🙂

    Hi Ganda,
    And to think that I voted for that rat a long long time ago hehe. On hindsight, I’m glad she lost. Thanks.

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