Updates on the Diasen Case, 2

Our prior coverage on this tragedy can be found here and here.

Update 12
Kalinga leaders condemn the Diasen killing. In a resolution issued by the Provincial Board, the body “strongly condemned the dastardly assassination of Hon. Rommel W. Diasen, expressing singly and collectively the sincerest condolence to his bereaved family and recognizing his outstanding achievement in public service’.” More here.

Meanwhile, Board Member Sergio Angganay assumed the vice gubernatorial post while Mark Aldrich Diasen, son of the slain Vice Governor, was recommended for appointment to the Kalinga provincial board. More here.

Update 11
Floydelia Diasen, wife of slain gubernatorial bet Rommel Diasen, filed her candidacy as a substitute for her husband but the Kalinga Election Supervisor Thomas Uyam reportedly stated that she cannot do so because a) the period to substitute already lapsed and b) that the privilege to substitute cannot be extended to an independent candidate. More from Nordis blog.

What a curious turn of events. First, Diasen was reported as a member of GMA’s party, then the opposition claimed that he was actually with the opposition, and now the Commission on Elections is saying that he was actually an independent candidate.

On whether the period to substitute already lapsed, according to the Omnibus Election Code [Section 77], one can substitute a candidate up to the midday of the day of the election. Of course, this only applies if the substitute and the one to be substituted belong to the same party. In other words, it does not apply to an independent candidate, which Diasen is now being claimed to be.

Update 10

The above video is courtesy of GMA News and contains interviews with police authorities as well as with the late Vice Governor’s wife and children. This video shows a cartographic sketch of the suspect and the speculations of police authorities regarding the motives of the killer. GMA News also reports here that the late Vice Governor’s wife, Floydelia Diasen, is thinking of replacing her husband in the gubernatorial race.

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2 thoughts on “Updates on the Diasen Case, 2”

  1. I am a member of both the Lammawin and Diasen family and I truely feel their grief & sorrow at this time, especially for Floydelia the wife of Rommel. We must not forget that the late Judge Milnar Lammawin is the first cousin of Floydelia. Imagine losing both loved ones through the senseless killings. Let us stop speculating and pray that the authorities will catch these barbaric animals and they will be punished accordingly.

    Thank you for all your sympathy and support and keep praying for peace for our beloved KALINGA.

  2. Hi Apple pie,
    Thanks for visiting us and for your comment. Our condolences for this sad event. We’re with you in hoping that killings like this will end and that whoever are guilty for these murders will be meted the appropriate penalty. Thanks again.

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