Time For Another Blog Roundup

Lots of things have been happening in our section of the blogosphere so it’s about time to do another blog roundup.

My good friend Gina Dizon, a columnist and writer for Northern Philippine Times, started a blog version of their weekly newspaper here. If you are looking for news and opinion about Northern Luzon (The Cordilleras, Ilocos, Cagayan, and even Central Luzon), this is the blog to visit. Another new blogger is our kailiyan from Kalinga who studies at UP and who blogs about his school in Peyups Corner. These two blogs are fairly new, let’s send them some traffic and nurture them in the same way that you have nurtured this blog. Belated thanks to everyone 🙂

Our blogging on the Campbell case got some links from other bloggers [quezon.ph; mikeinmanila; and johncutter] and from a news website, lucianne.com [but the article is no longer available]. Thanks very much! To our readers: We will continue to cover the case for as long as necessary so visit this every now and then.

BACK TO THE BLOGOSPHERE. After some hiatus, Jocelyn Noe is once again posting at her blog. Some of you, of course, already know that we are a fan of Jocelyn’s poems so we are thrilled to find out that she reads our blog [see the last paragraph]. Thanks Jocelyn, you are an inspiration to other Igorot poet-wannabes.

BEST SMILE CONTEST. Images of Sagunto is running a best smile contest and “whoever gets the most votes will win two jars of blueberry jam to improve eyesight”. You might want to visit Images of Sagunto to cast your vote. [My pick is #7 hehe.] In case you don’t know yet, Sagunto is an upland barangay in Sison, Pangasinan populated by Bago Igorots. Vic Buaquen has an excellent article about the Bagos here. Thanks Omom for the tip.

Dr. Marcos Ayangwa, the Municipal Health Officer of Paracelis, Mt. Province writes about bringing reproductive health services to the remote barangays of Paracelis. Quote: “Through ‘roadless rivers’ (the cobbled riverbeds as the road itself), ‘slippery-when-wet roads’ ( muddy ruts), riverine highways (silk-smooth banca ride during rainy season only) and rough and rugged roads (bumpy and dusty dirt roads in summer), CHOPP endeavors to deliver enhanced basic health services at the doorsteps of the villages, literally.” Read more at the Philmade Blog.

KAYNI VISITS CORDI. And writes a summary of her visit here. Like most people, she expresses concern about the direction that Sagada appears to be going and has this message to the town’s authorities: “Please keep Sagada pollution free and not let tourism trample the preservation of its culture and people.” Our belated condolence to Kayni, by the way.

NATS GOES UP TO MT. BINARATAN. Which, according to legend, is the hunting ground of Kabunyan. Visit Kalinga, the Land of the Brave to read Nats’ account of his mountain trekking; he also has a video which you can watch. The mountain must be really inviting because Nats is planning another climb.

ROOTS AND IDENTITY. Fongakhan has a thoughtful article dealing with some of the topics which we have also discussed somewhere in this blog: indigenous roots, identity, the role of media, etc. Read her excerpt here.

IFUGAO SUMMER SALE. The summer sale in Ifugao is still on for those of you who are there in Ifugao or who might, by any chance, be going there. FerriCardia has some pictures of the sale here. While you are at her blog, read her story about being a “runner” at a wedding.

Wil has a fun post about well-meaning friends who are always trying to find him a suitable girl. Ibirukan tayo man ni Wil iti asawa ditoy no December tapno haanen isuna nga agsubli idiay States. Wil, if you didn’t get that, it’s your punishment for not learning Ilokano hehe.

11 thoughts on “Time For Another Blog Roundup”

  1. Let’s see….asawa=wife, ditoy=here, agsubli=return, tayo=us. My guess is you guys will find me a wife before I return to the states in december. And I think the translation also says I’m handsome. I could be wrong. hahaha.

  2. Your blog is famous na. Just checked those links re the Campbell case. Minor details: Mike In Manila spelled it “Bondoc” and also says the anthropologist died in the 1990s (it’s actually the 1980s). Otherwise, good recognition for your work, Bill. 🙂

  3. Did Rosaldo really died due to “accidental fall”?
    Bill will be tasked to ensure a “hold departure” for you Wil until you tie da knot w/isagadan or ikiltepan, haha..make sure we are invited should da “shocker”
    comes in to fruition..cheers.

  4. TruBlue, here’s the quote from RAIN (Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland ), No. 48. (Feb., 1982), pp. 15-16:

    Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Stanford University, died on 11 October 1981 in the Philippines, while she and her husband, anthropologist Renato Rosaldo , Jr. were preparing to do fieldwork among the Ifugao. She was walking with two Ifugao women guides along the edge of a cliff, misstepped and fell into a river below.

    On a lighter note, paano kung lowlander ang ikasal ko? 😉

  5. Husband must have been cleared of any sinister plot!?.
    Lowlander? hmmmm..”hold departure” would still apply. Baka, a lass from Sagada or Kiltepan comes fwd claiming u left a “tiny baggage” in her possession,hehe..careful my friend, you mite be cellmate with U.S. Marine Smith at da Embassy all of a sudden..haha. Goodhealth.


  6. Hi Wil,
    Good translation. Marunong ka naman pala ng Ilokano eh. But, you missed “haanen” which means “to not”. Which means we will not let you return to the US. The handsome thing is, of course, also there he he.

    Yeah that Mike mention is interesting because I never said anything about a missing anthropologist. The credit actually goes to you :-). Nope, not famous yet. Yung famous ay ikaw at si Nashman.

    Thanks for the info on Rosaldo, it’s good to know that it was an accident and not like the Campbell case.

    Hi TruBlue,
    Yup maghanda ako ng hold departure order kung sakali. Huwag namang like Daniel Smith, baka magrally ang Gabriela led by our kailiyan Flora Belinan 🙂 Thanks.

  7. Hi Bill, Thanks for mentioning my blog. I missed the blog world while in the Philippines, but it was a wonderful experience even if my aunt did pass away – we all go there at some point. Agyamanak.

  8. Hi Kayni,
    You’re welcome 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    I added it na to the community category. Thanks for the info.

  9. Hey bill, it’s been awhile but I got really so busy. I am just glad you did post here Dr. Makoy’s article on Paracelis, Mt. Province. Been there as well to do Theater workshops and ARH (Adolesccent Reproductive Health) orientation with some youth from the place in partnership with the MHO. Did a post there, sometime last year…Anyways, more power to you!!!

  10. Hi Philmade,
    You’re welcome and thanks. Paracelis is one of the Cordillera towns that gets little attention so I was glad link to that article by Dr. Makoy. I plan to “steal” your post on Paracelis in the future hehe.

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