"Those Gallant Igorots"

It is encouraging that AGI, a local Baguio band, decided to pay tribute to our elders who fought the good fight during World War II. It is not often that we hear of the heroism of the Igorot soldier, described by Gen. Douglas MacArthur as “those gallant Igorots” (see below), so it’s good that Agi made this tribute video. WARNING: Some depiction of violence.

Here’s a report from Time Magazine about the heroism of Igorot soldiers and the critical role they played in keeping freedom alive:

This War Department communique last week, like so many of its predecessors, was 100% terse pessimism. Douglas Mac-Arthur and his battle-weary, outnumbered troops were still holding Bataan Peninsula and Manila Bay’s five defensive forts. But their collapse under ever-increasing enemy weight and ferocity seemed imminent as never before.

There were bright spots in the picture, however. In his weekend communique Douglas MacArthur included the dramatic story of non-Christian Igorot native tribesmen who, in an offensive over rough, matted terrain, mounted U.S. tanks like so many half-nude jockeys to direct American drivers inside. “When the attack was over,” said the General, “the remnants of the tanks and of the Igorots were still there, but the 20th Japanese Infantry Regiment was completely annihilated. . . . When you tell that story, stand in tribute to those gallant Igorots.” (emphasis supplied)

So let us continue to tell the story of our gallant forefathers. Let’s also take our hats off to the Agi Band for helping us remember. While we are at it, you might want to go here and give the band your compliments. They do deserve it.

UPDATE: Those looking for albums of the Agi Band can email jacsemrd [j2acsme2rd@yahoo.com] on how you can get copies. You can also visit their office at SDS, La-Trinidad, Benguet.

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19 thoughts on “"Those Gallant Igorots"”

  1. was just lookin’ at same exact music video yesterday. pretty impressive. I’m glad our torogI (that’s how one commenter in youtube referred to them in his/her comment, and I think it’s cute:))brothers are conquering new heights sa larangan ng musika! Galing talaga!

  2. Agree with you there! I have a hard time getting the lyrics but I still kept listening to it yesterday. Gotta buy their CD kasi this song is really good and they must be a really good band.

  3. honestly di ko rin nagets ang lyrics nya…

    sige buy their cd and pakopya ha! hehe, dyoks lang po

  4. Do you understand Ibaloi? From your posts, I’m guessing that you’re Kankanai. =) Despite being 1/4 Ibaloi/Igorot, I didn’t grow up in the Igorot culture though I am aware of some aspects of it.

    Anyway, months ago, K-Lite was playing their song “Malasmas”, which topped the charts for some weeks. Hehe.

    I pray that they can get a record contract from the recording giants. I’m not trying to commercialize them but I think they deserve National Recognition. Hehehe

  5. Hi BetelNut,
    Yup, I’m Kankanai pero from Mt. Province so no chance to learn Ibaloi. I think Ferricardia can speak Ibaloi kasi she is a linguist 🙂

    Didn’t know that Agi got some radio airplay? That’s good, at least medyo mas malaki ang audience pag nasa radyo ang kanta. I’m with you in hoping that they get some contract with record companies and that they get recognized for their work.

  6. No, I don’t speak Ibaloi, I only speak when I’m making fun of the language!hehe 🙂 Oops, Ibaloi bros and sisses, stir lang po! Amta jo met, ansemesemek takajo!
    I love the Ibs in Benguet, but the ones in my own municipality,hmmm, pinag-iisipan ko pa… LOL! Kase naman, most of them are very intolerant of my Kalanguya people. Medyo may superiority complex sila kumbaga! Ewan ko ba…

    As we say in Kalanguya, “Alam kong mag-Ibaloi, Kalanguya din, lagyan mo lang ng S. So the Kalanguya “HIPAY NGADAN MO(What is your name?)becomes “HIPAY NGADAN MO S?” Hehehe… actually, it’s “Sipay (sometimes “sifay”) ngaran mo?” The H and D turned into S & R respectively. See how similar these languages are?

    So as a Kalanguya, it’s very easy to figure out what a Kal word would be in Ibaloi.

  7. Hi Ferri,
    Thanks for the very interesting lesson, in Kankanaey it would be “Sino pay ngadan mo?” Tama ba he he. Too bad about the intolerance thing 🙁

  8. Hello ferri,
    You can buy an original copy of the Agi vcd if you happen to come her in Baguio. No piracy please hehehe

  9. Hi Gal-ad,
    Agree with that no piracy thing. Are there specific outlets where these are sold? Thanks.

  10. Hi Jacsmerd,
    Thanks for the info. I added your email address as an update in the post. Hope to secure a copy at the SDS office in Trinidad when I go up one of these days. Thanks again 🙂

  11. hi!i really don’t understand their songs yet their quite interesting.i wish somebody could translate their songs so that i understand what i am listening to. thanks a lot.

  12. hi outthere!! too bad for you guys if you can’t understand Ibaloi and Kankana-ey dialects or this song rather.. for me i understand it coz am proud to say am an Igorot but not pure, haha!! This song is really cool and i love it. But sad to say that I can’t find the exact lyrics.. Anyways, add me up in your Friendster: cybrit19@yahoo.com

  13. Just discovered AGI band last week when I had my vacation. Now, I’m addicted to them. Love to hear their songs. Meaningful, entertaining, and heart warming. I will be featuring more of their songs in my blog soon.


  14. ah eh eh,, in other words hai, i jst want to tell that i proud to the igorots who sang thier song and share feelings through thier songs.
    for the igorots singers im proud to all of you

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