The Most Mind Boggling News Report Ever

Michael Fajatin is a TV reporter of GMA-7, here’s his report on a protest rally held in Mendiola:

Igan, pasado alas otso ng tahimik na magdisperse ang mga rallyisata sa San Sebastian.
Ngunit, matapos ang ilang negosasyon,
itoy matapos na ….
nag disperse sila,
Pagkatapos nito, ah….
Hindi na sila nagaway…
Nagaway na sila sa simula,
Pagkatpos nitoy, nagkaroon sila ng AHHHH….
Pagaaway na sa simula!

Is he drunk? Or is he speaking some kind of language we don’t understand?

6 thoughts on “The Most Mind Boggling News Report Ever”

  1. I thought I am the only one who can’t compose my thoughts impromptu. blame it also on editing. It shouldn’t have reached the boob tube. hehehe

  2. Hi Jane,
    Hehe, good thing hindi siya sinisante. Pero there are worse reports than this ha. I remember watching Karen Davila, the ABS-CBN anchor, doing a really bad report on TV.

  3. Hi Jane!

    I took up mass comm. and I don’t understand why Mr. Fajatin had to do that. But I understand that they had news “quotas” and perhaps he was behind and had to take the report without the facts. One of the deadly sins of broadcasting ‘yan. I wonder what the news editor had to say about that?

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