Switzerland of Benguet

The town of Kibungan is conducting a contest to change its current tagline, “The Switzerland of Benguet” into something more appropriate. Apparently some tourist was disappointed when s/he went to Kibungan to ski and found no ice on the mountain slopes. Read the story by Jane Cadalig here.

Duh! I’m not sure whether to sympathize with that disappointed tourist because if s/he’s not smart enough to know that there’s no snow in the tropics then it is her/his problem. Although in fairness to said tourist, I read somewhere that there’s some kind of ice/snow in one of the highest mountains of Malaysia (or Indonesia).

Hopefully this incident will teach us to stop defining ourselves by comparing ourselves to the West.

But going back to the contest, here’s the info for those who want to help the town officials in their quest for a tagline. Baka ikaw pa ang manalo kaya sali na.

  • The contest is open to all individuals regardless of age.
  • Contestants are asked to come up with an English tagline and a brief explanation of their entries.
  • Submission of entries is from November 1 to 15 at the Municipal Planning and Development Office in Barangay Poblacion, Kibungan.

Too bad, hindi yata puwedeng via email para sali tayong lahat. Samantala, ayon sa blog na ito, ito naman daw ang mga taglines ng mga sumusunod na bayan sa Benguet (Where gardens bloom beneath the heavens):

Mankayan: The bosom of gold and copper in Benguet
Atok: Where vegetables flourish and cacti flowers bloom
Tuba: Cradle of nature’s gift
Sablan: Fruit basket of Benguet
Bokod: The sulfur spring of Benguet
Tublay: Land of the fascinating caves
La Trinidad: Strawberry capital of the Philippines
Itogon: Land of golden opportunities
Kapangan: The cocoon producer of Benguet
Buguias: Vegetable panorama of the north
Bakun: Home of god Kabunian
Kabayan: Home of the centuries-old mummies

Ayon sa aming bubwit, staff daw ng Department of Trade and Industry at saka Department of Tourism ang may gawa niyan. Do they have a cool job or what? I’ll keep my mouth shut baka magalit sa atin ang taga DTI/DOT hehe.

6 thoughts on “Switzerland of Benguet”

  1. That’s a very nice contest, huh? Kawawa naman ung foreigner na un…common sense, where are u?wehehehe…nagsalita naman ako dito hehehe…well, naghanap ba naman ng snow sa ‘Pinas,nyaay…hehe.

    Tublay as land of fascinating caves?hmmm..pwede na rin…hehe


  2. nye, skiing in benguet? i guess we only get hails but not real snow.the tourist should have gone to Japan 🙂 apay sino gamin nag-tag aya nga “Switzerland”, what’s with it?
    hmmnn, my hometown has been tagged land of fascinating caves huh! i don’t know if it’s really that appropriate – unfortunately,i haven’t seen one of the caves myself. it makes me wonder what other (better?) tag/s can be considered.

  3. Hi J,
    Mukha ngang fascinating yung caves sa Tublay based on the pictures. Sana makabisita minsan 🙂

    Hi Jane,
    Common nga ang hail sa atin. Surprisingly, we also had a hailstorm here in Q.C. about two months ago. I was really surprised while the kids were super excited.

    I think its the shapes of some mountains (ala Swiss Alps) that made people refer to it as Switzerland.

    Hi Trublue,
    Hehe, I deleted it na. Pero you had a good point in that post na nadelete din 🙂

  4. ei Ms Jane, where ka ba sa Tublay?hmmm…pareho lang tau haven’t really seen pa ang inside ng caves e mismong lugar ko pa ung kinaroroonan ng mga yun..i did peep into one once..hehe..kaso peep lang e…maybe ung tag na un shud only be in certain places lang sa Tublay kc hindi naman yata lahat e may cave d ba?gud u mentioned it Jane…

    yes hailstorm talaga…’danti’ ja kowan sha shi Ivadoi..hehe…


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