Rhoda Bondad, 2007

Our condolence to the family of Rhoda Bondad who passed away last Wednesday.

Here’s a note from Kent Sinkey about Rhoda:

She was the owner of Sagada Weaving. Her wake lasted until 12:30 p.m. today (October 1); the mass, the eulogy and burial were held today in Sagada at Saint Mary’s the Virgin Church. I believe that thousands of people attended the wake and we broadcast for three days to friends and relatives in the U.S.

The picture is of Mr. Dennis Faustino, the principal of Saint Mary’s School of Sagada and Rhoda Bondad, dear friends together since the early 1970’s. I took the picture during Christmas 2003.

Rhoda’s business, Sagada Weaving, was the biggest employer in Sagada for many years. May Rhoda Bondad rest in the arms of her God for ever and ever, and may the memories of her last in Sagada just as long.

Thanks Kent. We hope we have more people like Rhoda Bondad who, not only provided employment for iSagadas, but who was also instrumental in giving birth to the vibrant weaving industry in Sagada; a lot of women, who were trained at Sagada Weaving, have established their own home-based weaving businesses.

Entrepreneurs like Rhoda are exactly what the Cordilleras need if we are to improve as a region. We’re sure she will be missed not only by her family and friends but by the Sagada community as well.

Update: Gina Dizon has an article on Rhoda Bondad which you should read here.


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