Recto of the North?

Is Baguio the educational center of the north? Maybe. Lately though, it seems like it’s developing a reputation as the place where Koreans can get a quickie diploma. Last November, for instance, the Koreatimes reported this:

Twenty-three incumbent and former military officers and officer cadets were caught for having used fake university diplomas during their application for officer training, a lawmaker said Friday.

According to Rep, Song Young-sun of the Grand National Party, the Ministry of Defense recently withdrew its appointment of 13 incumbent and two former officers for allegedly fabricating diplomas from A.T. College in Baguio, the Philippines, to submit to the ministry for verification of their academic record.

Then today, the Joongan Daily has this report:

Korean students of a college in the Philippines have filed criminal complaints of fraud against the already jailed Korean Protestant minister who established the school, Seoul police said yesterday.

The minister, Lee Sang-yeol, 63, is serving a two and a half year jail sentence in Daejeon for issuing bogus college diplomas in a separate case.

Lee is still the chairman of the board of the school, called Kalos M.A. College. It is based in Baguio, a mountain city in the Philippines.

Here are some allegations raised by the students against their school:

* The officials of the college said that I could graduate from the four-year college within two years as long as I paid tuition every three months. Then they failed me so they could get more money from me,¡± said one of the students, who refused to be named.

* The college operates a special course in which students can earn a college diploma by taking 16-week class and paying about 20 million won ($21,115).

* For two weeks, I learned only English grammar and speaking for six to seven hours per day,¡± said another student who refused to be named.

* One professor gave lectures for an entire day without any specific subject.

* College officials said if we write down what we want to major in, they would just give us the degree even though we didn’t have to take a class in the major.

Shockingly (or should we say not unexpectedly), our government accredited this questionable school.

Maybe the more appropriate title for Baguio is “C.M. Recto of the north”?

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  1. I am not pointing fingers but when I was still in Baguio, I heard from several Korean students studying in the University of Baguio that it was easy to pass the exams especially if you give some bribe (cash or goods like books from Korea) to your teachers. They told me it was one of the reasons why many students opted to enroll in UB. Oh, well…

  2. recto-baguio? long ago pa yan. i had a classmate who said, Masters Diplomas could be availed of from one school in Baguio by just enrolling without attending classes/submitting orig papers. Basta pay up okey ka na. This was when the government “preferred” MA holders for promotion purposes/realligning positions etc. kaya maraming week-end students (kuno)sa masters from outside Baguio that time. Pasensya na mga Koreano at ngayon napublicize that modus operandi…Kimchi-kimchi lang for degree wah wah wah wah

  3. Hi lord,
    Ay kasjay gayam idiay UB? Yaiiks. thanks.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Sabagay, oo nga. I heard of that before. Nakalusot talaga ganito sa Pinas pero hindi uubra sa Korea. Thanks.

  4. ay bad! apay gamin met ngay nga namati da nga makagraduate da after 2 years uray dapat nga 4-yr course kuma ti ipalpas da? hhmmmnnn… han met ah nagpanunut jay tao. oh well!
    bribery in schools??? heard that even from where i studied… have heard of one school too that offers MS degree and certificate even if “no-show” the student. pati daw ung sa defense, pwedeng no-show din. the bad thing though is that some schools didn’t recognize the MS degree out from that school and recommended the degree holders to obtain one from a reputable school…huh…

  5. @lordinManila:

    If you are a local or old timer, YAN ANG REPUTASYON NG UB.

  6. Nag-attend ako KMAC graduation this afternoon pero hindi ako masyado masaya dahil sa may nakita ako doon na mga graduates ng AB Theology pgkatapos ng 2years graduate na sila! Mga pilipino din naman hindi koreans…! Ang ipinanghihimutok ng butsi ko, may isa doon na pastor nag aral siya theology outside KMAC pero hindi naman formal Bible College nor Formal Bible Training yun naatenan niya dito sa baguio kase once a week lang iyun! OO nga’t nagpa-accredit lang siya, pero hindi ba’t may requirements na dapat kung accreditation dapat 3-4 years class sitting ang earned niyang units hindi modular?

    Well, in fairness sa pastor na to, sabagay hindi ko alam baka prior to attending once a week theology lecture before enrolling to KMAC ay naatenan na siya formal non CHED accredited bible school noon o may secural courses siya na-earned! But wait, hindi bat nagche-change ang curriculum? Impossible na hindi siya naapektuhan…?

    Ay naku, eto pa ang isang fact: Hindi naman inaatenan ng pastor na to klases niya. Paano nagpa-paper lang? Pwede po ba yun ma’am/sir diyan sa CHED para makareceive siya ng grades?

    Hay naku dami namang kababalaghan nangyayari sa isang naturingang theological school… nakakalungkot,..

    Hey KMAC officials faculty specially the admin. have fear in the Lord whom you serve! (are you really serving Him? Sana nga po!)Sana maamoy niyo something fishy at makita niyo ang obvious na corruption sa sistema niyo dahil kami sa labas amoy na amoy at kitang kita namin! Suggestion lang po sana paki review na lang ulit ang school’s mission and vission, ok? Thank u…

  7. May-mayat si Al-lapo. Egay escuela, ngem MASTER na ay MANKAPYA. Datun na ken KABUNYAN, ya kem TIMMENGAW san best liver ya best juice of the tapuy. When he was still alive, I often heard him said his prayers. And I preferred it, rather than the dubli dubli Ave Maria.


    1999 when mother died. I must submit copy of her death certificate to a certain institution here in Germany. With the doc. and attached receipt issued by the Phil. registral officer, the German officer examined it then said; “Typical Phil. with just few pesos, things are possible.” I was surprised of his remarks. “But! Mother is really dead.” I insisted. I am just back for her burial. Later, I learned that Germans prefers and honor DRY ZEAL. So I must get a new copy then requested the Phil registral officer to use DRY ZEAL.
    Further, I noticed that, here in Germany, for any request of such documents they don`t asked for payments.

    Years earlier, group of Phil midwives & nurse aids were hired here. Followed by nurses then no more. While they were industrious, patience, kind the employers preferred the Asian women. After 3 years contract, they can decide if they go back home or extend their contract. Some extended their contract then they were allowed to get their partners. Some went home to marry their boy friends then came back. Time here is gold, so some came to the idea of securing a false cert. or dip just to land to a job. Well! Bed making, washing the patients, cleaning the bed pans is easy to do. And with few weeks orientation and training they were officially employed. Alas, the Pilipino, betrayed the Pilipinos. So the employers and the Ministry of Labor became aware. Acceptance of false doc. is strictly prohibited by their laws. Since then, they lost their trust and confidence to Pinoys.

  9. well,,i’ve been to KMAC for a year,,and i can prove you that this school is indeed a good school…

  10. ..true..u can’t judge a school by what you hear..i still believe that experience shouts louder….

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