Rapelling at the Kiangan War Memorial

I don’t know about you but this video bugs me a lot. I visited the Kiangan War Memorial ten years ago and I really appreciate what the government did in putting up this shrine which commemorates the bravery of our foreparents during World War II. So I’m a little shocked and quite irritated that this guy and his companions are using the shrine for their rappelling activities.

Dude, it’s a shrine. A shrine is almost like a church or any place of worship. It is almost like a burial ground hallowed by the dead who lie there.

What is it about us Pinoys that we have no sense of respect for places like this? Can you imagine a Japanese doing something like this? Or a Korean?

Anyways, doing physical activities like rappelling should be encouraged but can’t we find a more appropriate place to do it? I hope its not the Department of Tourism which is encouraging people to go rappelling at the Kiangan War Memorial.

5 thoughts on “Rapelling at the Kiangan War Memorial”

  1. You asked,”can’t we find a more appropriate place to do it?”

    Sure – the rice terraces.

  2. i was just there a few months back and indeed, what it needs is for the people responsible to do something about the mossy walls and rusty handrails going up the tower rather than have people jumping over the structure for fun. like nats said, dapat talaga linisin na lang nila.

  3. i am with the agency that maintains this shrine in Kiangan, Ifugao. We apologize for this incident of rapelling inside the shrine premises. We were not aware that this kind of activities take place in our shrine and that we are not encouraging people to do such activities in any of our shrines.

    None the less we will look into this matter and will make sure that this kind of incident never happens again in this shrine or in any shrine under our adminsitration for that matter.

    we are here to maintian the sanctity and sacredness of our war memorials.

    thank you for the comments and rest assured that we will do something about the moss and the rust.

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