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From Baguio City Councilor Richard Cariño:

This is a very large city… [which measures] 49 square kilometers. When we campaigned [during the May 14 elections], we were not able to visit all [villages of] the city.

Wow. I never thought someone would come up with this lame defense. What parallel universe are we living in these days such that, all of a sudden, 49 square kilometers is now “very large”?

INFO SOURCE: Vincent Cabreza/Inquirer.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. with that kind of reasoning from the good councilor, I have a suggestion on how to spend the P20M.

    a) renovate melvin jones to accomodate an execution scaffold in the middle.

    b) use part of the money to pursue, incarcerate the corrupt in our local government (or maybe the criminally idiotic) and prepare for their execution — last meals and all that.

    c) have raffle tickets printed. what will be up for grabs will be the chance to operate the guillotine on their favorite government official.

    P20M? adda baryam pay, kabsat. more to the point, mabalinpay nga fund raising dagitoy nga executions.

    (of course, no panuonuotentayo nga naimbag, Cordi head axe laengen, tapno traditional ken isupay nga agaramidtayo pay ti guillotine hehe)

  2. fota, what a lame excuse.

    Paris and London are way bigger but their mayors take public transport or cycle.

    I once saw the crown prince of the netherlands cycling to work one morning. and he takes the train if he wants to inspect the far corners of his kingdom…

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