On Kalinga Governor-Elect Floydelia Diasen

As we usually do in this blog, we are putting some of your comments here in the main page because we believe that they deserve to be read by more people. These comments are about the new governor of Kalinga. Thanks Queen Esther and TruBlue!

From Queen Esther:
Let’s give Dr. Floydelia Diasen a chance to lead as Governor of Kalinga. She is a true blue e-kalinga, her mother being a pure blooded original. The “sympathy votes” as we call it that installed her to governorship is her chance to do public service to the whole Kalinga province. She is already honed for this kind of leadership. Being a nurse, an educator, a mayor’s wife for 9 years and vice-governor’s wife for 3 years, she did a lot of public service to the Kalingas, doing medical/dental/health/family planning outreaches to far-flung barangays.

I’ve been with her in several of these endeavors, so I really know her personally. She is a quick thinker, has very good judgment and an excellent decision -maker. As a politician’s wife, she has stood alongside the late Vice Governor Rommel Diasen influencing him for good and guiding him in his leadership. As a teacher, she has trained/influenced a lot of college students to achieve their dreams. As a mother, she has extended her motherly love by adopting 2 more kids in spite of her own 6 kids. She finished her doctorate on Public Administration, and she came from a family of people involved in public service for 2 generations.

As the saying goes, “Leaders are NOT born, they are MADE”. Dr. Floy Diasen was already “made” for this kind of leadership. She has the proper hands-on training, she will just expand it on a provincial-scale basis. Plus factor to her leadership is the fact that she is a God-fearing Christian. With the help of God and we, vigilant Kalingas, let’s give Dr. Floy Diasen our encouragement, that she can make a difference in Kalinga.

“KALINGA Agri-ing ka”, was her campaign challenge. “LINAC ken TAL-NA” is her Vision for Kalinga….where Kalinga will be a CARING COMMUNITY of diverse cultural origins working together in unity to achieve PEACE and ORDER, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY, with the help of God Almighty.

From TruBlue:
It’s not only the sympathy votes that catapulted her to the governorship and I’d like to think that “most people” in her province just got tired of the same “crap” over and over. Kalinga and Abra voters bravely made these changes in their political facade, the rest of the provinces should follow suit.

While I’m not from Kalinga, my hope for Governor-Elect Diasen is not to follow in the footsteps of Cory Aquino’s rhetorics, i.e. if there’s a catastrophe, her first comment would be “let’s pray na lang”. If she surround herself with good decent people and listen to the cries of the eKalingas, she would leave a legacy worth remembering.

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2 thoughts on “On Kalinga Governor-Elect Floydelia Diasen”

  1. somebody texted me “adda rally tatta nga bigat may 21 idiay capitol ta madi da met proclaim new governor tayo nga taga kalinga ket nangangabaken overwhelmingly..peaceful prayer rally..lets be vigilant,let the will of the people be trampled upon and supressed..pls pass”..bakit di nila proclaim? resolution number 7911 dated may 10,2007 COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS ruled out already that Diasen is a valid candidate…lets join!!!

  2. Hi Nats,
    Thanks for the info. This development is really disturbing. I really hope that those elected by the people will be proclaimed. As you said, Diasen is a valid candidate, so bakit ayaw pa rin siyang iproclaim? Strange.

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