Our "Mutineers": Captain Langkit and Captain Guinolbay

Our thanks to Ellen Tordesillas who sent us these photos of our kailiyans, Capt. Ruben Guinolbay and Capt. Dante Langkit, two gallant military officers who are on trial for their alleged participation in the aborted withdrawal of support from Gloria Arroyo in February 2006. [Edited: We originally stated that they are under trial for the Oakwood mutiny which is not correct. Thanks Ellen.]

We have been blogging about Captain Guinolbay, so we’re sure you already know him. In case you missed our previous posts, you can read them here, here, and here.

We initially didn’t know about Captain Langkit so we haven’t done much blogging about him. In fact we only heard of him during the past elections when his twin brother ran for Congress in Kalinga. Thankfully, Ellen has some information for us:

Dante is the “crush ng bayan”. A number of reporters have a crush on him. He is the most requested to pose for souvenir photo by guests.

Dante and Ruben are still in prison while Gloria, the woman who cheated her way to the presidency, is gallivanting around and spouting inanities. More from Ellen about our kailiyans:

These two men are admirable. I mentioned to them about your blog. They don’t have internet. Maybe I can print out items in your blog about them.

The wife of Gino (Capt. Guinolbay) gave birth last month. I forgot if it’s a boy or girl. Life goes on for them despite their incarceration.

By holding on to their principles, by standing firm for what they believe is right, their years are not wasted.

The last sentence above is Ellen’s response to our comment where we expressed sadness that the lives of these young men are being wasted in prison. It feels good to be wrong in this regard; on second thoughts, we agree with Ellen that their lives are not wasted because they are standing firm.

Since Ellen has graciously volunteered to print something from this blog, those of you who found us by googling Guinolbay, Ruben Guinolbay, Capt Guinolbay, Guinolbay Ifugao, etc. might want to send him messages through the comments section.
By the way, Captain Guinolbay appears to be as popular as Marky Cielo based on blog visitors who come here through search engines. We don’t have search numbers for Captain Langkit but that’s only because we just started blogging about him. Baka marami din siyang googlers kasi crush ng bayan pala siya 🙂
Hopefully, our “mutineers” will be out of prison and Gloria will be inside one the next time we blog about them. And we hope it doesn’t take forever and that it does happen before Gloria’s term ends. Wishful thinking ba? Hehe.

In case you want to be updated on what’s happening on the ongoing trial of our kailiyans and their fellow officers and soldiers who are incarcerated, you should check out Ellen’s blog because she has been reporting on this issue despite the libel suits and the threats from the powers-that-be. Mabuhay ka Ellen and thanks much.

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26 thoughts on “Our "Mutineers": Captain Langkit and Captain Guinolbay”

  1. Hi Bill, I mentioned to Capt. Guinolbay about your blog yesterday on the sidelines of the hearing. he is very much interested. Sorry nga, i was in a hurry I forgot to bring some of the downloaded items from your blog.

    Next hearing.

    Correction: Captains Guinolbay and Langkit are in detention because of their alleged participation in the aborted withdrawal of support from Gloria Arroyo in February 2006. They were not part of the Oakwood mutiny.

  2. Bill, please check out this entry on Capt. Langkit: http://www.ellentordesillas.com/?p=1079.

    Take note that he was rather thin in that phot. He lost a lot of weight in the many months he was in solitary confinement. Pinahirapan talaga siya in order for him to turn against his comrades. There were times, they deprive him of food.

    You have to admire him for standing firm for his beliefs. He was formerly Esperon’s aide. That’w why it really rankles to Esperon that his own aide disapproved of what he did in the 2004 elections.

    Capt. Langkit’s condition has improved a little bit, his twin brother, Danzel said, Medyo na-aarawan na raw siya.

  3. Hi Ellen,
    Oops missed your second comment by a minute. It’s good that they are getting better now physically.

    Esperon should be the one in jail.

  4. Is Captain Langkit single, Sir Bill? Ahehehehe… Jokis!

    These are indeed gallant Igorot men who courageously stood up (and continue to do so) for their principles. These kind of men are rare, especially in the military. To Captain Langkit and Captain Guinolbay, we salute you! Keep up the fight.

    BTW, Sir B, you spruced up your blog ha? I like it, although I have to adjust to it a bit =)

  5. Hi Fongakhan,
    I’ve no idea. If he is, maybe you should come home na. [Joke din hehe]

    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    Thanks for the info.

    Hi Ellen,
    Thanks 🙂

  6. mayat no kasta nga ruben is ok in prison. congratulations too on there new baby. its to bad to learn about the torture they do to him so he will turn against his comrade as ellen reported.

  7. Both Captain Guinolbay and Capt. Langkit are prisoners of conscience. Thank you for featuring them. Let us not forget our brave men who languish in jail for doing the right thing.

  8. Hi Anonymous (4:37)
    Oo nga pala ano. We’re with you in congratulating him for his baby 🙂

    Hi Anonymous (5:56)
    Thanks and we’re glad to do more features of them if we get more info.

  9. Captains Guinolbay and Langkit are true Filipino heroes.

    Apologies for cross-posting but here’s what I wrote in Ellen’s blog:

    September 10th, 2007 at 3:41 pm


    ““Capt Langkit’s salary was cut off and now he does not even have food if not from dole outs from friends and relatives.”

    “Why is Esperon doing this to a meritorious officer – one who has not been pronounced guilty yet?

    “Military law may be harsh, harsher than in the civil sector but like in the civil sector, an accused is still is just an accused and should be accorded humane treatment in all aspects.

    “Capt Langkit is NOT a an al-qaeda terrorist, why should he be handcuffed and blindfolded? Besides, where does Esperon think he is? On Guantanamo Bay?

    “Ellen, this cannot be – I will ask someone I know to contact Capt Langkit’s family and to give a bit of money on my behalf and that of my family.

    “This sort of treatment is done to people who murder your families, your women and your children BUT CERTAINLY NOT to one who would die so your children and loved ones may sleep soundly at night!”

    Esperon has NO right, whatsoever, to inflict inhuman treatment to the accused – he is NOT the LAW, he’s not even the AFP, he is it’s chief of staff if ever he needs to be appropriately tagged and must realize that he is committing HUMAN RIGHTS abuses on the persons of these worthy officers.

    Military law subservient to the Philippine Constitution and Esperon must abide by the Constitution.

  10. These men will not always be behind bars and when they finally go free, I hope they hang Esperon and every tom dick and harry Garci related criminal AFP general from the highest lamp post.

    Our problem is we punish the honest and the meritorious and we reward the likes of Esperon; also, we have a tendency to let go of criminals because awa awa daw..

    Stop this awa-awa na culture towards the baddies…

    Captains Guinolbay and Langkit are the future of this nation.

  11. Hi Manila Bay Watch,
    Agree with you that Captains Guinolbay and Langkit are true heroes. That suck-up Esperon can’t hold a candle to them.

    Thanks for dropping by and adding me to your links. Will add you in the blogroll.

  12. hi,
    my name is DOY KIBAYEN im recently in alberta,canada but im from tabuk kalinga… i`ve read your blogs or wat ever about the two captains ‘kailiyans’ aleged… all i can say i, its really retarded… this guyz are doin their jobs 4 d country, this is wat they`re payin them… y??? suck it up… go fuck your self GLORIA…. lol..

  13. Hi! Guys.
    I’m rhey from pinukpuk.
    Yes, single pa din si Dante.
    May isa pang nakakulong na sundalo from kalinga si Capt. Fontiveros.
    Isa rin siyang scout ranger.
    Siya yung kasama ni Capt. Langkit sa isang picture dito.

  14. hello, i started admiring capt. ruben guinolbay since the lamitan siege 2001, and up to now i never cease to admire this young man. I constantly pray for him to endure the rigors and hardships experienced inside the prison cell. In God’s time, Gloria shall pay all the evil things she did to you, the rest of your group, and what she did to this country. May you Capt. Guinolbay bear with us…i am one of the silent majority.

  15. congrat sir ruben!!!! ot nibukkah ayyuh mo ayyah!!! keep on the good work… you havent change the kid i used to see in the neighborhood… Mabuhay.

  16. Either your GPS broke down or you made a wrong turn, hehe….nice to see you here Anna. See comment #16, I’ve been meaning to ask Ellen about this Captain Fontiveros, what happened to him? Just kept on forgetting, maybe you can ask her.

    Even our good lawyer Chyt seemed to have gone underground or busy campaigning for her hubby as Baguio Congressman, wish him well though. Cheers!

  17. Hi Trublue, Chyt is in Hungary, I believe. She’s having a whale of a time but she said (got this from one of our Facebook exchanges) that she would try to get back in time for the end of election (celebration, most likey for Leandro.)

  18. where did my comment go? Hmmm… it was about chyt, True Blue… She’s still in Hungary I believe (from our Facebook exchanges) but I think she’s trying to finish her exams early to get to RP in time for celebratory drinks for Leandro?

  19. Think Leandro is about to quit or had quitted as we speak. He’s not doing good in the polls. A good man ousted courtesy of the twisted minds of the electorate.

  20. Ifugaos are true filipino hereos…they fight for the right not for the interest of one person (gloria). Captain Ruben Guinolbay is a true soldier, who thinks right so go on and God Bless…

  21. R guinolbay deserves what he got. People like him shud not roam the free world. He has the elitist mentality of a pma grad, mayabang yan at hndi sumusunod sa batas. He is declared persona non grata in davao, check out why and u will see the true color of this man. Im so glad he is in jail at sana mabulok n sya dun

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