Our "Listers" in Pictures

Originally, the plan to list Igorot achievers here in From the Boondocks (FtB) was to mention them one time and then move on to other topics. However, we often come across photographs of our Listers (let’s call them by this term, okay) that are just too good to pass. Look for instance at the photo of Justice Romeo Brawner. Wouldn’t you post that if you have a blog honoring Igorot achievers?

So we decided to also post interesting photographs of our Listers and, when the occasion demands, to do updates on them.

Now, about Justice Brawner who is certainly giving Congressman Domogan a stiff competitition in the “I’m proud to wear my g-string” department, reports have it that while serving as Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals (CA), he once regaled his felow justices and court employees with a performance of an Ifugao dance.

Way to go Justice/Commisioner! We are proud of you. What about a war dance at the COMELEC to warn those cheating politicians like, for instance, Lorda Voldemort?

Photo courtesy of inq7.net.

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