Our First Boo Award

This is not really our first Boo Award because we have been doing this in our other home but this is the first time we are booing someone in this blog.

And the honor goes to: Virginia Gorospe, an elementary school principal in Baguio who has been suspended for 1) caressing female teachers and 2) collecting fees from a private affiliation school.

Read the story by Mike Guimbatan here. But here’s what Gorospe says about her caressing fellow teachers:

She added she was “neither a pervert or lesbian and her alleged malicious utterances and acts against female teachers were only jokes made between friends who have no malice in their minds.” She added “it is only in the minds of the complainants where they injected malice and lewd designs”.

So does this mean that the teachers who were caressed are not the complainants? Confusing, eh? But here’s our message to madam Gorospe: Whatever those utterances and acts, don’t do them in school. See it got you in trouble. And lifting someone else’s skirt in school? We hope you didn’t do it in front of the kids.

Now, what about the collection of fees thing? Here’s what she says in her defense:

Gorospe however countered the amount given from the caregiver students using the school was a token of appreciation.

Not sure we’re convinced with this defense. It’s lame really. It’s not like she is a waiter or a doorman. So here’s our second message to the principal: Next time someone gives you money as a token of appreciation, ask them to buy a big pot which the school can use to cook food for visiting education officials.

Madam Gorospe is suspended for two months. With her lame excuses and all we think she deserves the suspension. Of course, she also deserves a Boo “You Did a Bad Thing” Award from us.

By the way, maybe the suspension is too light a punishment? What do you think? According to the report “lawyer Anthony Wooden representing the complainants said they were not contented with the minimal suspension so they will appeal the decision to the Education Secretary.”

INFO SOURCE: Northern Philippine Times.

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