Not Sitting on a Tree

Thank God the Bishop is not a boot licker like the Guv. From

A retired Roman Catholic bishop has backed out of leading the Mass to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the first people power revolution at the Our Lady of Peace Shrine on EDSA apparently after learning that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo might attend the event.

A church insider who requested anonymity said retired Bishop Francisco Claver of Bontoc-Lagawe has dropped the invitation for him to lead the noon Mass at the EDSA Shrine Monday when told that Mrs Arroyo would be coming.

“The bishop was scheduled to say Mass but backed out when told Mrs Arroyo might come,” the source said in a telephone interview.

Asked to comment, Claver, reached by telephone, refused to say why he dropped the invitation.

I hope the other bishops will follow our kailiyan’s example and likewise shun Gloria. For too long the bishops have hemmed and hawed while the nation burned.

The country would have moved forward if the CBCP supported the calls for Gloria’s impeachment the first time allegations of her cheating surfaced in 2005. Back then, the bishops turned out to be a bunch of fence sitters. It’s not surprising that Gloria got bolder and more corrupt. As the cliche goes, “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing.”

That’s exactly what the CBCP has been doing. It sat idly by while Gloria and her cronies mocked us with their corrupt ways. There were, of course, some bishops who were vocal about their criticisms of the current regime. Thank God for that.

Anyways, let’s hope that more bishops will follow Bishop Claver and finally say no to Gloria. They should stop being her tools.

By the way, if you are in Manila and would like to participate in some People Power events, visit Ellen’s blog for the schedule of activities. Also click here to see some Gloria dolls.

6 thoughts on “Not Sitting on a Tree”

  1. when will the church stop meddling with the government. there should be a clear separation between the church and the government… hmm maybe someone would say.. moral authority?? hmmm right… spanish inquisition, spanish era abuses, and sex scandals.. hmm right.

  2. Catholics,

    I can’t help but post what i am feeling about the Bishops. I believe that they are dividing the Catholics by meddling with the Politics. I surely belived in God and i Don’t want to Disrespect the Bishops because they are supposed to be the God Messenger, but in mixing religion with the Politics they putting to risk my Belief and RESPECT for them. I for one doesn’t agree that they should be on the streets doing the rally everytime they don’t agree with the government.

    Try to think if their parishoners will not agree with them and go to street. What would they think?

    This country will go nowhere if everytime there are disagreements, the church, leftish, opportunist politicians, rightist etc.. will do street demonstrations and ask for the resignation of every President they don’t like. Lets be guided by the Rule of Law not by street Law.

    And also please, Bishops think very hard, baka ‘INUUTO LANG KAYO NG MGA OPPORTUNIST, you’re grievances maybe valid but the way you do it and letting yourself be used by others who have personal ambition is not acceptable for many people.

    Father Robert I think is pressuring his Leaders on what he personally believe and doesn’t like to think of what the other Prelate is thinking. He is pressuring Father Rosales by comparing him against Father Sin. As if He is making intrigues against the Two Church Leaders.

    Father Rosales has his own mind and approach to the problem. I think He want’s to tackle the problem constructively than rushis His judgement. So please be careful in what you are say and do as our belief and respect is also affected in what you are doing.

  3. They should cleansed the church first before attempting in a much larger area such as the Philippines..In the church itself their are more than a dozen reports of immorality.. their supreme court (the Vatican) itself has thousands of cases if not millions to decide..True good people never seek the help of an evil to put another evil down.. if lozada admits that he is too a part of the corrupt system, the bishops ,nuns,priest senate i.e should stop praising him instead they will treat him like the way they treated GMA..Only in the philippines that the force of evil and the good ones as they claim (the priest,bishops,nun etc) combined to put another evil down..i should stop from using the word “church” so with others because the church refers to the community of believers.that is what they taught me in catholic schools. and this community of believers have different perspective on every issue..we are the church and not the structures where the priest conducts when the bishops speaks, they represents only themselves and not my own opinion or the opinion of others as member of the church or the community of believers..

  4. I applaud Bp. Claver for sticking to his convictions. It was a personal choice for him, and as a citizen of the Philippines, he has a right to express his disapproval of the President.

    His is a personal one, but CBCP would be the ‘official’ one. For Concern Lang, I think that the CBCP would not meddle without being informed. I would rather have a church that expresses its opinion and dissatisfaction with the government, making their voices heard (meddling in a way), than one that just stays in the background and remains passive about current issues. After all, God is also the God of politics, as he is in all aspects of our life, isn’t he?

    Given that the church has its own problems, that shouldn’t stop them from getting the church out there where it really matters. After all, its parishioners are the ones affected by the corruption, cheating, and what-have-you of the government.

  5. put it this way. the church itself is a corrupt institution (from the beginning until now). its like a criminal advising another criminal. the church is full of hypocrites

  6. anonymous 02.28.08…you got 1 great thought there! yes, we would rather that the church (all denominations, we mean)better “openly” cleaned their own backyards first before talking “openly” of government mess.just looks at that “petition” over the issue of gambling in Sagada where one says, the “clergy” should join. Should they joined the petition signing against those among sagada lay who gamble, or should they sign also against some of their colleagues involved in gambling? It is common knowledge that some Anglican clergy are good at the bicycle cards.

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