Nats Dalanao’s Sayote in Oil Pastel

Here’s a a picture of a beautiful sayote painting by our blogger friend Nats Dalanao of Tabuk, Kalinga. You can view his other paintings here; we especially like Living Wonders and Innocence Caught Between Rivals of Urban Politicians which was Nats’ entry to the 2006 International Art Contest. Make sure you visit the links because we’re not sure if Nats’ will allow us to “steal” more of his paintings hehe. We “stole” this sayote painting without his permission and we don’t want to abuse him further. Great paintings, Nats!

Nats also heads the Kalinga Arts Guild (if we’re not mistaken). He also blogs at Kalinga, the Land of the Brave and is the owner of which has a forum that is becoming more and more popular. Aba, hindi yata natatakot ang mga forumers na mag-expose ng mga kababalaghan hehe.

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10 thoughts on “Nats Dalanao’s Sayote in Oil Pastel”

  1. Thanks! I love this specific one on Sayote! Does he have a series along these theme?

    I think he will find a market for reprints on this one! Isa na ako…Maybe I’ll even be interested in the original one if it is affordable enough!

  2. ugh! the power of sayote! ulam namin ngayon tinolang manok with sayote. hehe!

    gusto ko yung sauteed sayote tops with garlic and oyster sauce. or with garlic and ginisa flavor mix. yan kuya bill…try mo yan. naimas!

  3. Hi Anonymous (5:57)
    Thanks. Galing nga 🙂

    Hi Anonymous (7:15)
    I hope he will read this post and answer your questions coz I don’t know if he has other sayote paintings and whether he is selling them. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous (9:49)
    Sige subukan ko yung recipe mo. I think I can do it kasi simple to prepare. Thanks.

    Hi JMom,
    You’re welcome. And thanks.

  4. i saw one of his paintings in his multiply site and he’s really good. i think the paintings were exhibited in OMG in baguio (the background really looked familiar) and hopefully they’re still there when i visit baguio one of these days.

    seems like you’re in a run on sayotes and vegetables. hehehe i heard sayote is also used as a good substitute for apples in making apple pies.

    i might be back in bakun this coming september for a weekend. i miss the place and haven’t written anything about the stories/tales told to me about the place.

  5. Thanks Bill for blogging that painting..Actually kinuha ng parents ko..a reminder of survival daw during their time as students in Baguio, kasi galing sila sa kabundukan ng kalinga at wala daw maipadala mga magulang nila because of the hard transportation before.

  6. Nats,
    That is what is most powerful about that art piece. It connects with a deep experience.

    I do not know your sensitivity as an artist but I hope you will consider replica prints (high quality prints) for pieces such as this one.


  7. Hi Arcibald,
    Oo nga, biglang naging sayote blog ang blog na ito. Urban myth daw ang sayote sa apple pie sa Australia but I’m not sure sa Pinas. Malay natin baka totoo kasi mas mura nga naman ang sayote dito kumpara sa apple.

    I was looking nga for your Bakun stories in your blog. Hope to read them in the future. Safe travels 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    You’re welcome. And thanks for allowing me to post it here hehe. Meaningful talaga ang painting na iyan ano. I’m sure they’re glad you made it.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Let’s hope he does 🙂

  8. am an artist who is not interested with financial value..almost everytime i gave my paintings for free.if their are people who are interested for replica it’s always welcome..i do paint for for my own satisfaction..

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