Mt. Province: List of Candidates

In case you are looking for the list of candidates in Mt. Province, here it is. Unfortunately, this list does not include those who are running for the provincial board or for the municipal council. This list is courtesy of Juliet Saley of the Philippine Information Agency in Bontoc. We hope to publish a similar list for the other provinces if we come across them in the future.

Provincial Positions
Congressional race:
Carlito Afadchay (Independent)
Jupiter Dominguez (Independent)
Victor Dominguez (KAMPI)
Efren Joseph Lingwa (Independent)
Sario Malinias (Liberal Party)
Arnulfo Pilando (Partido Liberal)
Francisco Siblawan (Independent)

Gubernatorial race:
Maximo Dalog (LAKAS)
Harry Dominguez (Independent)
Bonifacio Lacwasan, Jr. (KAMPI)

Vice gubernatorial race:
Benjamin Dominguez (Independent)
Louis Claver (Independent)

Municipal positions

Mayoralty race:
Ferdinand Charaychay (LAKAS-CMD)
Apolonio Fiarango (Independent)
Crispin Fias-ilon (KAMPI)
Alberto Kiwan (Independent)
Heraldo Lamaton (LAKAS-CMD)
Simon Layong (LABAN)
Magdalena Lupoyon (Independent)

Vice mayoralty race:
Pio Cupasan (KAMPI)
Edmundo Sidchayao (Independent)

Mayoralty race:
Manuel Bilayon (Independent)
Simon Lacwasan (Independent)
Vice mayoralty race:
Delfin Bosoen (LAKAS-CMD)
Jose Tanggacan (Independent)

Mayoralty race:
Bart Guzman (LAKAS-CMD)
Wellington Pooten (Independent)

Vice mayoralty race:
David Ballang (Independent)
Pablo Dicdican (LAKAS-CMD)

Mayoralty race:
Siegfred Fatongkeg (United Opposition)
Franklin Odsey (LAKAS-CMD)
David Yawan (KAMPI)

Vice mayoralty race:
William Aspilan (KAMPI)
John Diaz (Independent)

Mayoralty race:
Abel Bagsao (Independent)
Patrick Baguingan (KAMPI)
Ana Maria Bana-ag (LABAN/LAKAS-CMD).

Vice mayoralty race:
Constancio Chinayog (Independent)
Juan Henry For-og (Independent)

Mayoralty race:
Pedro Alit (Independent)
Ernesto Gunday (Independent)
Cesar Rafael (KAMPI)

Vice mayoralty race:
Pedro Almeda (Independent)
Raul Lapon (Independent)
Eduardo Sullay (Independent)

Mayoralty race:
Martin Budod (Independent)
Donato Danglose (Independent)
Junebert Gunaden (KAMPI)
Telesforo Gut-omen (LABAN)

Vice mayoralty race:
Joseph Bernardez (Independent)
Avelino Tolean (Independent)

Mayoralty race:
Moises Agmeyeng (LABAN)
Albert Agpawan (Independent)
Antonio Cassiw (Independent)
Estanislao Fagto (Independent)
Gabino Ganggangan (KAMPI).

Vice mayoralty race:
Francis Dangiwan (Independent)
Mathew Fanao (Independent)
Samuel Sarang-ey (Independent)
Nga-as Tecag (Independent)
Vicente Tic-chap (Independent)

Mayoralty race:
Dave Gulian (KAMPI)
Eduardo Latawan, Jr. (Independent)
Francis Tauli (LAKAS-CMD)

Vice mayoralty race:
Jaime Dugao (Independent)
George Tamking (Independent)
Jerry Ticag (Independent)

Mayoralty race:
Constito Masweng (Independent)
Anthony Wooden (LAKAS-CMD)

Vice mayoralty race:
Febe Sally (Independent)
Rogelio Yapes (Independent)

Total registered voters for the province is 86,063.

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