The Mountains are Sinking!

Photo courtery of morgagni from this site.

The rice terraces in Sagada are sinking. Well, okay, not all of them but the ones that tourists usually view (see photo above) en route to Sumaguing Cave are. As yet, there has been no study to explain why this is happening so I can only guess that the river below the terraces has been eroding the foundation of the lower fields, and this naturally makes the whole terraces unstable. Geologists would have a better chance of explaining the problem and, hopefully, in coming up with solutions.

Incidentally, this problem is not limited to Sagada but is occurring in other parts of the Cordilleras. Ground subsidence and unstable ground hazards have also been reported in Pantikian, Balbalan, Kalinga and Butac, Natonin. It is also happening in the towns of Buguias, Mankayan and Atok, all in the province of Benguet. More information here and here.

2 thoughts on “The Mountains are Sinking!”

  1. i just read about the ground subsidence in some places here in cordillera especially in Pantikian, Kalinga. is there a tendency that this certain barangay was in danger that someday, the whole land will going to collapse ?
    what are some of the findings why they concluded that there will be a serious ground subsidence in this area?

    hope that you can read this comment and you were able to answer my questions?

    thank you for the information!!!

  2. Hi Emerclyde,
    Thanks for your comment and for visiting the blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have the information to answer your question about Pantikian in particular. But I think the Mining and Geosciences Bureau or MGB would be able to answer your question because they conduct studies on the ground subsidence that’s happening in our region. You might want to contact MGB through the following emails: AND

    Thanks again and I hope you continue to visit.

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