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15 October Updates: CityNews has a report and a video on the vigil/prayer rally held for Jocelyn Dulnuan. An excerpt:

Wiping away tears, dozens of people filed into the solemn service, where Dulnuan was remembered for being a loving mother who came to Canada to build a better life for her daughter.

“As a parent she wants to provide her daughter with a better education, a better future,” recalled relative Fay Hangdan to those on hand. “As a sister she wants to help her siblings back home.”

Read the full report and watch the video here.

London Free Press: The London Free Press quotes an informant who is quoting a television report which was reportedly told by Jocelyn’s husband that she told him that someone threatened her two weeks before she died. An excerpt:

“There was a TV station back home saying that the husband received a call from Jocelyn saying there had been some threats in her life — someone scaring her or being jealous about her,” Tobias Enverga of the Philippine Independence Day Council said yesterday.

Read the full story here.

Sunstar Baguio: Ramon Dacawi reports that Jocelyn will arrive home this week, anytime between Thursday to Saturday. Read the full report here. (Thanks to Ramon for the shout out, by the way).

14 October Updates: Police eyeing two suspects. Peel homicide inspector Norm English: “We have an idea what happened and robbery is one of the real motives we’re looking at. More than one person is also being looked at.” English also said the homeowners have been co-operating. More here.

Toronto Sun: Godeliva Dulnuan on her daughter Jocelyn: “Jocelyn is a quiet and athletic girl. She liked to play basketball and volleyball. And she went to church every Sunday.”

“I just want to know what happened to Jocelyn. I beg anyone who has information about Jocelyn to come forward and speak with the police.”

Godeliva on the last time spoke to Jocelyn: “She called me twice. In the morning and in the afternoon. We talked about family and her friends and her daughter and her husband. And she talked to her sisters, who were here in Hong Kong. She talked about going shopping after church with some friends.” More here.

More news reports from:,,

In the home front, OWWA Administrator Marianito Roque uses this tragedy to call for OFWs to pay their dues and adds the following godawful remark: “To be honest, it is unfortunate that Dulnuan was no longer a member of OWWA. She was remiss to pay the fee. Kung tutuusin, napakaliit ng $25 sa Canada kaya it’s sad to say na walang mai-extend na tulong ang OWWA sa kanya.” More from

What’s up with our officials always blaming the victim? Remember Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales who blamed Julia Campbell for going to Banaue? You can read Gonzales’ remark here (Update 5). This blame the victim mentality among our officials is beyond shocking.

Rightfully, a migrant workers group in Hongkong castigated Roque. Quote by Dolores Balladares, chair of the United Filipinos-Hong Kong: “Instead of showing concern for Jocelyn Dulnuan, murdered on Oct 1, Roque used the victim’s death to castigate OFWs who failed to pay their dues to OWWA. Roque even wrongly depicted Dulnuan as undocumented worker for her failure to pay her dues to OWWA even if she has a legal employment contract in Canada.” More here.

Our coverage on Jocelyn Dulnuan here.

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  1. Mr. Ramon Dacawi’s article in monday’s Internet Edition of Baguio SunStar implied that Ms Jocelyn Dulnuan’s remains should arrive in the Philippines sometime between thursday and saturday.
    All those who responded to the fundraising to finance her somber return was a touching display of OFW camaraderie. Yet, just a few days ago, De Plane’s gov’t were in the news handing out 200 and 500 thousands pesos to her croonies as mere gifts for their loyalty so she can stay awhile in power! You just to have wonder how concerned agencies and consulates go to a panic mode in Ms Dulnuan’s case. There’s no money to share, aburido da unay! Aaaayy Apo……

  2. By the way Bill, Ramon Dacawi pointed at your blog “from the boondocks” as a reference point to the various updates on Ms Jocelyn Dulnuan. Forgot to mention that and just to let you know, you have some strong connections now, Baguio media, that is..hehehe…

  3. Hi Trublue,
    Thanks for alerting us to Mr. Dacawi’s article. I have included it in the update.

    Si Lovelyn siguro ang nagsabi sa kanya about the blog. Iba na talaga ang malakas kay Lovelyn ano? Thanks Lovelyn. Thanks Trublue.

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