6 thoughts on “More Election 2007 Pictures”

  1. How nice…some were wearing the bahag and tapis to vote. It takes guts to wear the g-string. Thanks for the election update.

  2. Hi Bill!
    I second kayni, I appreciate all the election up-dates and news from home. Am adding a link to your blog on mine.


  3. Hi Kayni,
    You’re welcome. Oo nga it takes guts to wear a g-string to such an event, am not sure I have the guts to do it but will do it if dared hehe.

    Hi Omom,
    You’re welcome too. Will try to update till all the province and town results are listed. Thanks for the link. I will add your blog in the blogroll.

  4. Hi Majik,
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment. Yup, we will do updates until all the winners are proclaimed (hopefully 🙂

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