Meet Trublue III

My friends, this is Trublue III. He is Trublue’s grandson, future Igorot/iCordillera advocate (unnecessary child pressure ba ito hehe?), and future Tiger Woods.

Trublue III’s grandfather needs no introduction around here and in other Igorot/iCordillera blogs but I’d like to state for the record that the grandpa is one of the reasons why we Igorots/iCordilleras have a lively corner in the blogosphere.

Trublue is our version of Bob Hsiao, the non-blogger who became famous because of the comments he leaves in others’ blogs. So thanks Trublue for your contribution to the blogs. I hope you keep your comments, and opinions, and insights coming to save us bloggers from our occasional laziness. Hehe.

Update: In the New York Times article, Trublue would also be like Jeffrey Chodorow [apart from being like Bob Hsiao of course]; Jeffrey was mentioned as someone with the real thing who’s unlike the others mentioned who are commenting for the sake of commenting. Thought I’d like to clarify after re-reading the article.

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11 thoughts on “Meet Trublue III”

  1. TB III looks primed to be a blog commenter. hehe

    Read the article on Hsiao. Crazy world this blogosphere is. Favoriting comments? 😀 Interesting analysis by Marshall Poe. hehe

  2. Hey, TruBlueIII is quite a looker.

    Does he take after his grandma perhaps, TruBlue? Pardon me but I need evidence of TruBlue’s looks. Ugly until proven handsome. Hahaha.

  3. off topic: kapem sa kano, kabsat, jay addad toy fridge mi. umay mon alaen ta maibus man daytoy! 😉


  4. hahaha…I’m echoing Ma’am Chyt’s say: “… until proven handsome. Well his comments reflect he is good looking…Okey, okey – he really is, look at TBIII unless its from TruPinks side no?

  5. Ahahahaha… Pressure kay original Trublue. Imagine, being pangit until proven otherwise, nga kunan Mng Chyt?! Nyahahaha…

    But Trublue III is sooo cute. If I’m not too old, I will wait for him har har har…

    Seriously, cheers to Trublue, who makes such perceptive comments sa mga blog natin! I remember he commented here that he would buy a pug if Pacquiao wins. Oooyyy, Sir TB, send us a picture of the pug eh? Hehehe…

  6. Hi Wil,
    Blog commenter and blogger na rin 🙂 Hopefully Blogger/Blogspot can design something that will allow us to favorite comments. Sigurado panalo si Trublue.

    Hi Chyt,
    I think Trublue III takes after both grandma and grandpa. Ikaw ha, you are baiting Trublue to reveal himself 🙂

    Hi Ganda,
    I agree 🙂

    Re off topic: Make sure you don’t drink that kape because its for me talaga hehe. Apay adda ka garud ditoy Manila?

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Nah, I think the kid’s looks is both from Trublue’s and Trupink’s 🙂

    Hi Layad,
    Hehe. Ang galing talagang mag-bait si Chyt ano?

    Cheers to Trublue for his commenting indeed. He really has done a lot to bring us together. Yup let’s wait for that picture 🙂

  7. Hahaha! Very uplifting things to say about TBIII and me. I’m very
    limited with net access as of this moment. It’s so horrible as my connection is soooooooo slow and they charge me dollar a minute.
    Manyana es utra dia, I’ll be in a much, much better country tomorrow and I will deal with your nice comments, hehe….until then Cheers to all and goodhealth always

  8. Thanks Bill and everyone (da regulars) to your positive opinions. Guess my life is back to normal after a couple of days rests.
    It’s a trap alright but during my younger days, the bragging rights is on me to say I broke some girls’ hearts and was heartbroken only once, hehe….
    Ms Layad, don’t lose hope. Age gaps are old news and if you can draw inspiration from my high school chum’s father who was 96 and married a 70 year old chick a year ago. Love is blind ngata….
    My life evolves around TBIII and for him to be a good decent human being when he comes off age is all I hoped for, becoming educated would just be a plus.

    Cheers to you all!

  9. Hi Trublue,
    Welcome back. You’re finally here after your travels. Di ba Canada ang much better country hehe.

    Oy may pag-asa pa si Layad kay TB III. Joke joke.

  10. Ahahahaha… Hey, if Sir TB guarantees that TB III grows up to be a decent human being, wen met a, oray or-orayek 😉 I will keep the hope nga kunan ni Sir BB ehehehehehehe…

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