Lozada in Baguio

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BAGUIO CITY – Celebrated ZTE whistleblower Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada is finally coming to the North, and his visit would be capped by a series of dialogues with religious leaders here from April 15 to 16.

Chie Galvez of the Baguio-based Inter-Faith Gathering for Truth and Accountability said Friday Lozada would be accompanied by the Association of Major Religious Superiors in his talk in the afternoon of April 15 at the Saint Louis University Social Hall.

Lozada would also be attending a religious and youth caucus at the Sangkabalayan Hall at the Bishop’s Residence here.

But the more important activity, Galvez said, would be a gathering on April 15 with Lozada in front of the Supreme Court here.

The SC, which is having its summer court here, would be deciding on the “executive privilege” issue being invoked by former socioeconomic planning head Romulo Neri on that day.

Galvez said that they are prepared for any obstructive activities by anti-Lozada groups in the city.

The Inter-Faith Gathering for Truth and Accountability is headed by Fr. Mario Tambic and Sr. Alice Sobrevinas with the Social Action Center-Baguio Benguet, Association of Women Religious- Baguio Benguet, Tongtongan Ti Umili and Cordillera People’s Alliance as member organizations.

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  1. I’m looking forward for a successful and undying support of people there for Lozada. I hope they will show their support for truth!

    I know Igorot’s principle cannot be bought by any price.

  2. gina;

    your last line i wanted to believe…but The Governor led a phalanx of $$$$$-hungry coyotes to announce support for The Queen. ahhh..principle? not bought?…dinonate pa sakaling babalik …..biyaya…para sa pamilya….hindi para sa probinsya…ah aha aha. but still tama ka..show support for Lozada.

  3. Anti-Lozada groups? Hmmm, who’d be organizing those? And what complaint would they have?

  4. I wish i would be in baguio but since we have a climb sa Mt. Binaratan , dito na lang mag comment.. How i wish to ask lozada why he keeps on campus tours and he is not going to the courts to be properly interrogated and cross examine by lawyers not opposition senators who is one sided on the issue?

    What truth Lozada is trying to say? the only thing to prove the truth is to gather documentary evidence and not hear says.

    Can we find the truth on the streets? Can we find the truth on campus tour? Can we find the truth by ignoring the summon of the court?

    I pitty lozada for he is not really searchnig for the truth but publicity and grandstanding.

    To search for gold is to dig the earth.LOzada is a miner who believes he can have the gold by mere publicity

  5. on ginabeloved’s last comments, hmmm i don’t know, is she just ignorant, blind, is she outside of the country every election?? i dont know. lols. no comment. lozada for searching for the truth, we all know that everyone has their own motives.. hmmm 2010 maybe?? im sure he will be running for senate and stupid filipinos will vote for him.. hay.. well said nat

  6. to anonymous, why don’t you bravely reveal your identity?

    ’bout my last line, i said and i believed such because i haven’t encountered one who sold his/her principle at any price. probably there are some but as to my experience and based on igorot people i;ve known, i will stand firm for my last line. I am an igorot and i am raising the flag of a proud igorot.

    and if there are really igorots who are what you think, i guess it’s a painful reality that i don’t want to see but i firmly believe that majority of us igorots and majority of us FILIPINO people grown up with principle.

  7. i agree with ginabeloved.

    it is easy to sit back and complain about how hopeless the Philippine situation is, with an illegitimate president who has corrupted all sectors of society.

    therefore, we find the truth inside ourselves, and yes, nats, on the streets and in the campuses. because, as you can see, the supreme court just ruled against the express constitutional mandate of transparency in governance.

    the truth is, we want the country to heal, a system that does require corruption to function, we want honesty, accountability, honor.

    maybe we should actually listen to jun lozada’s message and follow the issues first before judging him. there are always open forums where he can be ‘interrogated’ by the audience. not everyone who attends is a fan.

  8. Did you guys ask him how he was able to stomach spending more than half a million/year in golf, have his kids play with the pedigreed while his 3 other kids with his mistress live in a depressed area in Manila?

  9. anonymous 2:23pm 4/18- your coment is very interesting, kaya lang baka sabihin ng sister natin diyan…show your “documentary evidence” in “court”! ahhh not siding with any here but documentary evidence? marami sa Recto! documentary evidence? the SWISS BANKS provided so in cases involving Nani Perez! or ask Iggy Arroyo.// Jesus went around speaking the truth and was disliked and scorned by those whose conveniences and greed were threatened by his ‘exposes’. Lozada is going around speaking what he deems is the truth. The difference between them is Jesus is sinless while Lozada admitted he is sinful and making amends, publicly. that is the difference between Lozada who also spent millions of government money and those who hate him for his exposes. but that is life in politics…Pinas pa? History is replete with truth tellers and liars…including the church.only time and God can tell who is who…sorry lang the Pinas court with its recent performances has run to the corner of a doubted and doubtful entity. Is there any good in the Pinas courts? Sure there is! met ah

  10. people misunderstood what democracy really means, they simply go to the street and campuses because they has nothing to present in court. yes history repeats itself but history will also repeat errors.edsa dos spark because of a single document in a brown envelop but lozada struck the nation with his mouth and crying effects. I still believed in documentary evidence rather than believing in some words from other mouths whose expose was triggered by the gripes in his feeling because he was thrown fromn the boat of luxury and corruption.almost 20years in government service for lozada but he chooses that long to think and come out of the open air “I am Telling you the truth”.. what is the difference bet Lozada and JDV? they will speak because they are no longer enjoying the luxury.. as old saying goes “Ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw” One piece of strong documents is much stronger than nuns, priest, politician , campus, picture picture… we all want the truth, i am only against the starategy of this people.. come on guys i am telling you the truth let’s go to the streets and shout our grievances..ganun ba yun?

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