Lang-ay 2008 Video

Here’s a photo collection (in video format) of the recently concluded Lang-ay 2008 festival in Bontoc. Video courtesy of Rafael Manuel Jr.

Since, you will be watching a lot of the peoples of Mt. Province in the video, maybe this is a good time to talk a little bit about them. According to the National Statistics Office the population of Mt. Province is broken down as follows:

Applai: 2,947
Bontok/Binontok: 2,510
Ibontoc: 17,234
Ilocano: 6,968
Kalinga: 2,468
Kankanai/Kankaney/Kankanaey: 72,694
Other Local Ethnicity: 16,197
Other Foreign Ethnicity: 22
Not Reported: 413

Total Mountain Province Population (Year 2000): 140,339

Apparently, because Kankanaeys compose a slight majority of the population, the NSO ridiculously dubbed Mt. Province as “Home of the Kankanais”. Hah, maybe we should encourage our Bontoc and Baliwon/Balangao activist-friends to make “sugod” the NSO to change their ill-advised title/description for Mt. Province. What you think, Layad?

Anyways, Applai is a Kankanaey sub-tribe so they should be included in the Kankanaey total. The Bontok/Binontok and Ibontoc are, of course, one group and should not have a separate count. Meanwhile, in case you are wondering, the Balangaos/Baliwons are from the eastern part of Mt. Province particularly Natonin and Paracelis.

I hope the NSO made a breakdown of the 16,197 who are listed as “other local ethnicity” but maybe they’re busy spending all their time coming up with trying-to-be-catchy-but-actually-silly titles like “Home of the Kankanais”.

Hala, let’s make sugod na the NSO so it will change that ridiculous title with an inclusive one.

2 thoughts on “Lang-ay 2008 Video”

  1. My ‘sugod’ days are over hehehe… What an ill-informed ethnic breakdown for Mt. Province. Bontok/Binontok and Ibontoc? I wonder whether I am part of the 2,510 Bontoc/Binontok, or the 17,234 Ibontoc? Har har har…

  2. layad,

    nice and proper comment. sino ba kasi ang nasa Nat’l Stat Office? who is responsible for that population stats breakdown? was dividing bontok/binontok/ ibontok necessary? what’s the agenda behind that? hmnn gusto ipangato diyay population of another group because of what? hehapo met

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