Kalinga Day 2007, Part Two

Nats took really good pictures of the Kalinga Day celebrations so I decided to “steal” two more pictures from his site 🙂 Visit the Kalinga Tambayan for more of Nats’ photos. He also has pictures of his paintings here. [Dude, you are such a multimedia artist. Magaling ng magkodak, magaling mag web design, at napakagaling mag paint. Congrats!]

Some fast facts about the Kalinga people courtesy of John Dongui-is via Kalinga Blog: “There are 31 subtribes of the Kalinga ethnolinguistic group distributed over the eight municipalities of the province. Each of these subtribes can be identified, principally from their dialect which has dissimilarities in diction, pronounciation and most especially in the phonetic letters and the fricative and voiceless expression of their speech… The beauty in the multilingual, ethnolinguistic groups of Kalinga is that while they speak in different tongues, they understand each other.” I don’t want to “steal” the whole article so you should visit the Kalinga Blog here.

RELATED POST: Kalinga Day 2007, Part 1. PHOTO CREDITS: Nats Dalanao of Kalinga Tambayan; INFO SOURCE: Kalinga Blog [John Dongui-is Article].

8 thoughts on “Kalinga Day 2007, Part Two”

  1. Really nice pictures. They remind me of home. Happy Anniversary to my province.

    Ikalinga in Canada

  2. Nats,
    Ay sika met kabsat :-).

    Hi Anon,
    Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you found us. Yup, Nats took great pictures. The credit goes to him and make sure you visit his site.

  3. The only Igorot garment I can recognize is the Ibaloi garment for women..kapag hindi na pang-Ibaloi di ko na madistinguish kung anong Igorot yun.

  4. Hi Betelnut,
    Welcome back again! Basta ang alam ko naman, Kalingas have the most colorful garments. Pag Kankanaeys, hindi masyado 🙂

  5. We can distinguish kalinga garments by its color, most its Black,red and yellow, and a little white stripes and green…

  6. panos! ambabaro losan da pictures wey naipost nu. congrats! dogdogam nu awad udum hehehe…

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