3 thoughts on “Kalinga”

  1. Hi, just want to comment on the video, although we know that it is an exageration of the real thing maybe we should be concern on the impact to other people who are not well familiar with the kalinga dances. you can find some kalinga pattong videos at http://kalingatambayan.cjb.net under services page

  2. Hi,
    I agree with you 100% about people not familiar with our culture trying to present it to others. I had a hard time finding a youtube video of Kalinga dances and so had to use this one. Thanks so much for the link to kalingatambayan. I visited it earlier and very much appreciated the videos and songs uploaded there. Its a very helpful site. If you notice, I added it to the lists of links in this blog’s main page.

  3. NOTE: The above comments were written before the original video in this post (one made by a dance troupe) was replaced by this current video. Thanks to Nats of Kalinga Tambayan for this video.

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