Jobs in China? Here’s a Timely Reminder

Here’s something that I should have uploaded two months ago but haven’t because of my problematic internet connection. Well, it’s better late than never. Thanks to Imie Belanger who forwarded us this statement from the Benguet Federation of Hongkong. I must say that these are timely [and timeless] words of caution/advise/tips to those of us who are looking for jobs overseas.

To our beloved Cordillerans
May 20,2008

We, the Benguet Federation Hong Kong have been following stories about our fellow Cordillerans who went to China hoping to find job. Amid the outbreak of the news relating to the numbers of Cordillerans engaged in carrying illegal drugs into Hong Kong and China, this has brought a tremendous attention to us.

We, the Benguet Federation raise this campaign as a means of addressing the growing problem of engaging to illegal work overseas while traveling on a tourist visa. We now hope to coordinate with you to disseminate this campaign and educate our fellow Cordillerans, by propagating this advisory to all feasible channels through radio, Internet base, local government like the barangay or even through teachers.

In the advisory given out by Department of Foreign Affairs on May 14, DFA reiterated that there is no job offers for Filipino maids in China and even teaching profession should not entice teachers as there has been strict rules in acquiring the legal work permit and that not all school in China are authorized to hire foreign teachers. In cases where teachers entered China by tourist visa, their visa cannot be converted as working visa, otherwise teachers who insist on working without contract have little protection from mistreatment and abuses, according to DFA.

A bait usually use by illegal recruiters is job opening in Spain, we have collected names of victims fallen into this bait. The illegal recruiter lured victims that they have to fly as tourist in Hong Kong while awaiting for the visa intended for Spain, which never materialized, instead the victims are brought to China or Macau and work there illegally. Desperate enough to feed themselves they have to take whichever is possible to survive even they know it’s dangerous.

In a report published on GMANews.TV date May 12, the ATN or Asistance to Nationals here in Hong Kong headed by Val Roque, mentioned that a girl from Baguio City name Michelle Gabriel, 27, was arrested on March 30 at the HK International Airport for allegedly carrying a 5.5kg of heroin in her suitcase.

Authorities believed that these cases of Filipinas carrying or unknowingly carrying this heroin are used as couriers or “mules” by drug syndicate which maybe operating from Africa.

The Benguet Federation Chairman, Gerald Antonio urged everyone traveling overseas should refrain from accepting any parcel from an acquaintance or a friend even if they are offering money in return for carrying their stuff. He said, it’s not bad to help but we should also think vigilant and learn to say no.

Benguet Federation HK

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