Igorotlandia, Meet Diamond Gut-omen Baier Again

Now we have a picture of Diamond Gut-omen Baier courtesy of the Ted Regencia Reports. Diamond, according to a commenter in our previous post, is originally from Sabangan, Mt. Province. He won some bouts at Chicago Golden Gloves, you can see the results here, but he took up boxing relatively late so he didn’t turn professional.

And here’s a video of David Diaz which includes an interview with Diamond [around the 2:00 mark]. The comments at youtube are interesting in case some of you want to read them.

Anyways, Diaz turned out to be a “dud” [Trublue’s description] in his bout with Pacquaio so Trublue must buy a pitbull and name it Pakyaw, to honor Manny I think.

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