Igorotlandia, Meet Diamond Gut-oman Baier

I’m back from exile the second time. Hehe. Anyways, seems like Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming fight with David Diaz has a Cordillera angle to it. Here’s the story for those of you who haven’t read it yet?

Does anyone know this guy, Diamond Gut-oman Baier? Kuwento naman diyan.

Bontoc’s ‘diamond’ boxer trains Diaz vs Pacquiao
Pasckie Pascua/Ted Regencia
Philippine News via GMA

CHICAGO — As he prepares for his biggest fight against the Philippines’ Manny Pacquiao on June 28, lightweight champion David Diaz spars with a Filipino-American southpaw.

Diaz has enlisted the help of Diamond Gut-oman Baier, a 31-year-old native of Bontoc, Mountain Province, as one of his three sparring partners, all lefties.

Diamond, as he is popularly known in Chicago’s boxing community, is an amateur boxer and trains with the Chicago Boxing Club. He is also an entrepreneur and long-time resident of the Chicago’s South Side.

At the age of 10, Diamond moved to Chicago after he was adopted by his aunt. He took his last name Baier, from his German-American uncle.

“I hope he doesn’t get in trouble,” Diaz jokingly quipped after revealing Diamond’s name.

“We didn’t just get him because he’s Filipino. We got him because his style is similar to Manny’s. He is fast, he’s pretty strong and he’s from around the area,” Diaz added.

As Diaz held court with the Chicago media on June 19, Diamond kept a low profile staying at the back of the Jabb Boxing Gym, where the press conference took place.

In an exclusive interview, Diamond said that he has been boxing for six years. In 2004, he met David through his coach, who encouraged him to watch the Olympian shadow-box.

“I learned a lot from David. It’s a small world, years later, here I am helping him out for his championship fight,” Diamond said in a soft-spoken voice that belies his hard-hitting punches.

‘Great Fight’
“This is going to be a great fight,” Diamond predicted of the match between the two boxing champions, Diaz and Pacquiao.

“For all the boxing fans out there, I hope they’ll get a chance to see it.”

He also offered some analysis about the sports, particularly on the advantages of lefty boxers like him, saying that “they are just awkward to fight.”

“Most people who are right-handed usually fight right-handed fighters. So, when you fight someone who is left-handed, you’re thrown-off just because of all the angles,” he explained.

What makes the fight between Diaz and Pacquiao interesting is that both are lefties, Diamond pointed out. “This will be a great fight. I can’t wait to see it.”

Proud Bontoc boxer
While Diamond was not picked by virtue of his birth as a Filipino, he said he is proud of his Mountain Province ancestry.

“I’m always gonna be Filipino. Absolutely,” Diamond said adding that he still loves to eat adobo, pancit and lumpia. Last year, he returned to the Philippines to attend the funeral of his mother, and will visit anew in September.

Diaz’s two other sparring partners are Oscar Leon of Colombia and Ivan Popcea of Mexico. He is being trained by Bob Arum and promoted by Top Rank.

12 thoughts on “Igorotlandia, Meet Diamond Gut-oman Baier”

  1. Wow! He sounds like a good fighter. Do we know if Diamond had any fights before? I do want to see Pacquiao’s fight.

    By the way, Bill, check out my new blog. Hope to see you there.

  2. Never heard of this guy but I’m glad he is on David Diaz’s side as I am. Never been a fan of MP and good to see the Filipino people united AGAIN! Even for a day! I’ll walk the talk and my wager is on DD. MP is going up in weight and it’s dangerous but if Pacman wins this fight, I’ll buy a pitbull and name him Pacyaw!
    Cheers to you and welcome back.

  3. Hahahaha.. Sir TB, what a wager!

    Sir BB, baka Gut-omen yun, di Gut-oman 🙂 I had schoolmates before who had that surname, but not a guy named Diamond hehe…

    Welcome back agpayso! Pakapi ka a 🙂

  4. I’ll buy the PitBull next week! Diaz was nothing but a DUD, can’t even hit Pacyaw. Believe Manny had razor blades hidden in his gloves, thus all those cuts in his opponent’s face!!!

    Cheers to all regardless………

  5. Its nice to read about the behind the scenes of the fight.

    Congrats to Manny Paquiao! I can’t believe the speed and power he let loose in his fight. Superb defense and offense. Go pacman!

  6. Hello TrueBlue,
    Don’t let a goat go near your Pacyaw the Pitbull. That’s his favorite food.

    Maybe DGBaier still a Diamond in the rough thats why DD lost. 🙂

  7. Hi Kayni,
    I’m not sure whether he also fights. I guess maybe he’s more of a trainer? Checked out your blog. I’m glad your back blogging 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    You really have to buy that pitbull now hehe. Didn’t watch the bout but my whole neighborhood did.

    Thanks for the welcome back hehe.

    HI Layad,
    Yeah, I was wondering about the name. I think its Gut-omen as you said but I didn’t want to change what’s written in the source.

    Imbitaren dak a dita Singapore ket agpakapi ak dita 🙂

    Hi Layrayski,
    Hey, thanks for dropping by. Congrats to the Pacman indeed.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Or maybe DD is the diamond in the rough hehe. Thanks.

  8. This is a man’s world – boxing and the like…but….I want to welcome you back too Bill.Where have you been? Many things happened since I started blogging…

    I keep going back to your original site but it seems there was nothing much.

    Now I’m a member of the entrecard community and it has helped me a lot with regards to exposure.

    You have a well written post…even if it talks about boxing…come on guys, why watch two people throwing deadly punches at each other, isn’t that sadistic, to say the least?

    He he he..oops before you get mad at me,,,I’m going, going….gone….

    Happy blogging…I will add you to my blog roll in my Kalinga blog and my Gewgaw Writing (http://gewgawwriting.blogspot.com) blog.

    Welcome back.

  9. hello… i just dropped in and saw this site… one asked if anyone knew diamond baier… well, i do! how well? he’s my first-degree cousin!!!! hehe… to answer another question, yes, it should be Gut-omen, not Gut-oman… i’m gonna call him later tonight and rant out about this! hehe… by the way, we’re from Sabangan, Mountain Province but we do have relatives in Bontoc… He went to the States in 1987, i believe that was August… they’ll come home this September again for Aunt’s 1st year anniversary…

  10. oh by the way kayni, he won fights and titles in the Chicago Golden Gloves… 🙂
    he told me before he’s just gonna make boxing a hobby since it would be a lil late if he goes professional… can’t wait to see ’em in september! 🙂

  11. Hi Jena,
    Hindi ka pala boxing fan ha 🙂 Hey, thanks for the tip regarding entrecard, I will visit your site to check it out. I can’t open your gewgaw blog for some reason.

    Hi true blooded gut-omen,
    Thanks for confirming the correct name. I will update the post. I will check out that Chicago Golden Gloves too. Cheers, as Trublue says 🙂

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