Ifugao Actors in Haw-ang & Things We Learned From the Movie

We’re glad to discover that the producers of the movie Haw-ang came up with this Youtube video (or “videofied” still photos) featuring the actors from Hungduan, Ifugao. At least those of you who won’t have the chance to watch this movie will see our kailiyans who starred in it. They are as good as professional actors in our biased opinion 🙂

Now, we’d like to share with you some of the things we learned from the movie. But please don’t take us seriously because we are just in a silly, playful mood. These may or may not be SPOILERS.

The things we learned from the movie Haw-ang:

1. One way to entice kids to go to school is to give them candy.

2. Another way is to sing and dance the Christian song, “Making melodies in my heart”.

3. The most effective way would be to influence a village opinion-shaper/maker to influence the kids to go to school.

4. If you send your child to study in Manila, s/he will come home speaking Tagalog.

5. Wearing lipstick will not make politicians do your bidding.

6. Tuwali is like Kankanaey (particularly the Bauko/Tadian version because they also use “h” a lot).

7. If you spill the cup of coffee you are drinking, you should kiss the person beside you (siyempre of the opposite sex dapat).

8. If you say goodbye to someone you love, you should give him/her your necklace.

9. If you want to know if a construction project will be successful, you should leave a bundle of palay at the construction site. If the rats don’t get at it, then it’s a good site. Or maybe it means that the omens for building are good. (This, according to the movie, is an Ifugao practice.)

10. People who interfere with rats in number 9 will meet a bad fate.

11. Lovers who embrace each other on a bridge will meet a bad fate. Or one of them will.

12. If you read papers while walking in the rice paddies, you will fall down. Duh!

13. An umbrella will protect you from weather disturbances only.

14. NPA rebels get things done.

15. If you are a nun and your superiors don’t like you, they will send you to an Ifugao village (or any other remote village).

Yun lang. Hehehe.

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