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UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who have voted for this blog. We hope you continue to vote in these last two days. My apologies for not updating this blog recently. I am presently in the boondocks where I don’t have regular internet access. I hope to do some updates once I get back to Quezon City. Cheers nga kuna ni Trublue.

NOTE & UPDATE: As suggested by Lovelyn, we are making this a sticky post. It will remain at the top of the page until the contest ends. Newer posts will be found below. Thanks to all of you who have voted for us. We hope you will continue voting again and again until October 31.

Tina a.k.a KK, our kailiyan from Baguio (now based somewhere near Washington DC) who is blogging at MyGoodFinds is running a contest which we are are joining. Because we’ve never won a contest before, we will try our damnedest best to win this one.

How can you help us win? Simple lang. Just visit Tina’s site by clicking here. Make sure you go to her site from this blog because that is how she can track where her visitors are coming from.

What’s the prize in this contest? Tina is giving away a free domain registration with hosting for 5 years. We don’t exactly know what free domain registration with hosting means but we will never know until we win it, right? He he.

A girl named Rachel is presently leading the contest so we have some catching up to do. The contest runs until October 31, 2007 12:00 midnight (US Eastern time). That means we only have ten days left to beat that Rachel gal.

So visit My Good Finds again and again and again to help us win. Let’s keep the prize in the “ili” shall we? Hehehe.

Anyways, what’s in it for you if we win? Well, if we win, we will buy you a genuine brewed coffee (worth P10 but way way much better than Starbucks) and a piece of cinnamon bread at the “ka-market” in Bontoc where we will talk about our favorite Cordillera Representatives. This assumes, of course, that we will somehow meet in Bontoc at some point in our lives.

If we lose, we will forever be haunted by a girl named Rachel (if she wins) and we will electronically stalk her forever and ever for depriving us of our domain.

Do we sound desperate enough? Arrgh the things we do to win a contest!

Note: Even if you’re not interested in this contest, My Good Finds is still a very interesting site to visit especially for non techie people who like to learn about tech stuff 🙂

37 thoughts on “Help Us Win This Domain Contest”

  1. Bill,

    I had fun reading your post! Your style of rallying up the Cordillera folks. Ah but electronic stalking is illegal and your IP address can easily be traced. But great for the stats! Good luck, I don’t know why it took you this long. You have a good crowd of followers.

    I have a cousins who married with someone from Barlig We are now connected somehow with a hottie hunk who joins body building contests!

    I didn’t realize that 5 years was very generous, I saw someone who gave away 1 year and they valued it at $144!

  2. If anybody deserves their own domain, it’s you, Sir Bill. So basically, we just visit Ms. Mygoodfinds’ website by clicking on the link on your post and then she counts the visitors from there…. I guess. If so, nagbisita na ako dun from your post. 😀 Anyway, I think this Rachel is actually a mother of three or something. hehe. So ok lang if you lose to her. 😀

  3. goodluck. i will visit her site again and again. looking forward toi that coffee!!! he he

  4. hi bill, dropping by from Page 101. i clicked all your links that means 8 votes for you. i’ll do it again later 🙂

  5. Hi Nats,
    Thanks 🙂 At least that’s a reassurance that I’m not desperate, hehe.

    Hi Mygoodfinds,
    I was too busy kasi these past weeks so I didn’t have time to write about it hehe. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Wil,
    Hehe, you’re joining the Sir B thing. Better if it’s just B. hehe.

    Yup, just click again and again. Really, I didn’t know that about her 🙂

    Hi Arcibald,
    Thanks. Yup the coffee in Bontoc is good. You have to bring your cup though 🙂

    Hi Anitokid,
    Thanks kabayan 🙂

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Thanks and most especially, thanks for the endorsement in your blog 🙂

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. Yup the coffee will be ready 🙂

    Hi Jane,
    thanks for the support. And thanks too for adding me in your blog. I will add you to my links 🙂

  6. Haven’t clicked yet, but will definitely click later. Sir B, hope you do good on that native coffee when I come home, cos I really, really miss it a lot, even the sagkik! Hehehehe…

  7. Bill gawin mong sticky post ito till the deadline. It has to be the first post lagi para makita agad ng readers mo.

  8. By the way, Sir B, how do we know if you are winning? I’ve been clicking as much as I could, so I would like to know if that native coffee (plus sagkik) is pushing through hehehe…

  9. Hi Layad,
    Yup there will be a cup of coffee for you with the sagkik. I think we are catching up. Which is good because we’ve only just begun. So lets keep on clicking at it hehehe.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Good suggestion, I think I will do that. So I don’t have to keep on plugging it at every post. Thanks 🙂

  10. Bill is leading as of this morning stats!
    Impressive! Coming from 40% behind.

    But don’t slack yet because Rachel is a worthy opponent. She has a marketing degree with an MBA. She also has alot of fans.

  11. i will try to solicit some of our kailians help through my website forum, my last visit to bontoc,sagada and sadangga was pag pumunta at namasyal ako sa besao this summer kung my invitational climb cla..that’s black cofee is my goal in bontoc hehe

  12. You’d bettah win! I’ve already had carpal tunnel clicking here and there and everywhere!

  13. Hi mygoodfinds,
    Thanks for the update. Wow an MBA that’s really a scary opponent. Kaya sugod pa mga kapatid hehe.

    Hi Nats,
    Thanks a lot. Sure sure, it would be great to finally meet you over a cup of coffee. Thanks again 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Hey, that’s a good laugh. Sana nga manalo tayo. Kung hindi, singilin natin si Tina ng pambayad ng medication mo for that carpal tunnel thing hehe. Thanks.

  14. hei bill, Tina might not just be paying for trublue’s carpal thing but she may need to do that to all who have repeatedly cliked all your links everywhere. lol. what could it be in the other side? hehehe

  15. Bill, as of today, you’re 109 votes ahead. Hope this will be till the last minute.

    Kudos to all Kailyans, “Igorot Power” will be soon defined by Wikipedia hahaha…

  16. Ahead by 109! Even TBIII is so excited looking at my computer screen. He seemed to know Bill is winning. Thanks Lovelyn for the uplifting news! Cheers!

    Where’s Ganda, haan pay nag-click click click isuna? Can’t wait to listen to her reasonable excuses. Mayat nga denggen.

  17. uy Sir TB, andito na po ako, at galing na me dun! Sorry, just got home kase.. mabuti at nakaabot pa ako! Kung hindi, malamang me ang sisihin pag natalo ka B. take note i’ve been clicking for like since 1AM, 4:45 na ngayon! kaya panalo na yan! 🙂 este click lang ba ang kelangan? no need to leave a comment?

  18. Hi Bill. I’m the other “hopeful” blogger at KK’s contest. I just wanted to drop by and let you know that it has been a fun contest.

    You’re blessed with wonderful friends who support you. I feel blessed too because of my friends’ support. I hope you agree that having great friends who take time and effort to help us in the contest make us both winners in our own way.

    Good luck and take care.

  19. I’m with you kabayan! The best of luck! Your site is always and interesting read and I highly recommend it to everyone, Filipino or not! And I kid you not!

    Good luck bro!

  20. Hi. its nice if you have your own domain name with a web host. That would mean that your chosen name will be before the famous dot com.
    anyway, my brother made a new blog. He is a law student in Ateneo de Davao University and hes writing about PAGTA, the kalinga’s laws.
    visit him at or just click my name and you will be redirected to his site. Thanks

  21. Bill Congratulations! You won, so did Rachel! 🙂
    Now, how do we claim our share of native coffee? hahaha

  22. Congrats on winning the contest, Bill! Sabihin mo lang when it’s time to update my links 😉 You’ll like having your own domain….as great as blogger is. 🙂

  23. Hayy sa wakas, the clicking will rest!

    Feels like we also won. Now let me go thank my friendster friends and tell them to stop voting hehehe….

    As always, you deserve this victory(naks)!

  24. apay agpurpuros ka pay lang aya ti coffee beans dita sagada at di ka pa sumusulpot dito? hehe

    Congrats kadi! Mauulit talaga ang pagpapakape! Pero sa dinami-dami ng pakakapehin mo, ice cream na lang sa’min! 🙂

  25. hehe, wil! ok yung salita mo ah! Tagalog ba yan o Ilocano? Ah, alam ko na, TagIl… tagailog?? 🙂




  26. so what’s your new domain name mr bill? after five years il give you a free hosting, if you will pay for your domain name hehe. But blogger is great for your blog, and you can monetize it, diba?

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