Help, I Need Your Feedback

I’m just wondering if this blog looks weird for those of you who are using Internet Explorer as well as those using any other browser that is not Firefox.

Today, I added navigation links at the bottom as well as at the upper right corner of the blog but when I tried to see how it looks with Internet Explorer, I noticed that the contents of the middle sidebar (Regular Updates, Recent Comments, etc) are pushed down to the bottom so there’s a big amount of white space in the column.

I’m not sure whether this is a problem in the past which I haven’t noticed before or whether it happened because of the recent navigation plug-in I added. I hope that it’s only the Explorer in my computer that makes the blog look weird.

Thanks so much and I really appreciate your feedback. Iyaman kasin kailiyans!

3 thoughts on “Help, I Need Your Feedback”

  1. I’m using IE browser and your site doesn’t look weird at all, both in my work and home computers. Middle side bar is in it’s correct place 🙂 nice of you to have added the page navigation links, easier for your readers to check previous posts 🙂

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thanks a lot. That’s truly reassuring. Maybe it’s just my IE version here which I have not updated because I hardly use it. Thanks again.

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