He Could Have Danced All Night

Two years ago around this time of the year, Marky Cielo broke into the entertainment industry by winning GMA-7’s Starstruck contest. Here’s the video of his final performance which earned raves from the judges. Cool, ha? He went on dancing despite losing his shoe.

Anyways, those of you who watched this when it was aired may want to revisit the moment. If you didn’t watch it before, eh di suwerte ka at merong youtube. Hehe.

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One thought on “He Could Have Danced All Night”

  1. Ciao Bill! P.R.O. ka pala ni Marky hehehe…Never saw him dance nor sing, ngayun lang. Just known him from your other entries and lately, I’ve read from my cousin’s blog that she told her husband she has a new crush. Guess who?

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