Guess Who?

Ay sino na? Dan aped men tatangad? (Who is this? Why is he looking up?) Click here for the answer to the first question. If you guessed correctly, then you might qualify as a fan. Although we people from the boondocks tend to be a bit snooty towards those who have a “fan mentality”, there’s really nothing wrong with being a fan isn’t it 🙂 It’s certainly better than being a warmonger (war criminal?) like George W, or a cheat like Gloria, or a cheat’s lackey like some politicians we know.

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6 thoughts on “Guess Who?”

  1. Okay, that kid has the looks BUT i was turned off by his lipstick. It’s not working for him.

  2. Naks, wag sanang maging bading to!!
    My first guess was actually Ralph Nader when he was younger…

  3. Hi Kayni,
    Hehe, ganoon ba? My monitor is bad (it doesn’t distinguish the different shades of bright colors) so I didn’t notice the lipstick. Time to buy a new monitor. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Hmmm, if he wears lipstick hehe. Although all artistas wear lipstick yata. Ralph Nader? You don’t qualify as a fan garud ah. Thanks.

  4. I don’t think he is wearing lipstick. His lips actually need lip balm…it looks like cracked earth….

  5. Hi Novice,
    Hehe, thanks. Sana mawala na nga yung mga warmongers tulad ni George Bush.

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