Dying Rivers


A study by the University of the Cordilleras reveals that at least seven rivers in Tublay, Benguet are contaminated with mercury and cyanide.

From the Manila Times/Harley Palangchao: At least seven river tributaries in Barangay Ambassador, Tublay, Benguet, were initially discovered to be not safe for human consumption based on the scientific findings conducted by the University of the Cordilleras (UC).

A statement from the university obtained by the media showed that findings on water safety in various areas subjected to tests indicated some traces of mercury and cyanide, which is not safe for human consumption.

The release further quoted Dr. Teresita Doctor of the UC College of Arts and Sciences Biology Department, who said that the contamination might have been caused by improper waste disposal, use of pesticides and commercial fertilizers, and wastes from the already closed Sto. Niño Mines. Read the full story here.

So how do cyanide and mercury affect you if they get into your system? We’ll try to do some research on that. But some of you may know already and might want to share it in the comments section 🙂

UPDATE: Thanks to Karla for the tip on the potential health effects of cyanide and mercury when ingested by a person. According to the U.S. EPA,  cyanide can cause nerve damage or thyroid problems while mercury can damage your kidney. Thanks again, Karla.

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3 thoughts on “Dying Rivers”

  1. This is sad to hear – and it’s happening to my hometown (more to that, in Lovelyn’s own place). I hope something can be done to treat the water source

  2. Hi Karla,
    Thanks a lot for that. I will add your comment and link in an update.

    Hi Jane,
    And I hope that the people are aware of this problem. They might be using the water without knowing the risks involved. Thanks.

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