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Oops we’re late in uploading this photo but it’s better late than never. It shows Jocelyn Dulnuan’s mother, Godeliva Dulnuan, being interviewed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport last October. Photo courtesy of Migrante (via the Philippine Reporter).

As of October 26, 2007, a total of $29,912.o2 was raised for the Dulnuan Fund according to the Jocelyn Dulnuan Support Committee (JDSC).

You can see the list of donors here . According to the JDSC, the donations will “cover the funeral and burial expenses and whatever is left will go to a trust fund for Kristine Angelique Dulnuan Kinnud, Jocelyn’s 4-year old daughter”.

Meanwhile, the death of Jocelyn Dulnuan might pave the way for reforms in Canada’s live-in care giver program which could improve the living and working conditions of Filipino caregivers. From Mila Astorga Garcia’s report in the Philippine Reporter:

The murder of live-in caregiver Jocelyn Dulnuan and the subsequent community efforts to seek justice for her death have triggered a broader campaign for reforms in Canada ‘s live-in-caregivers program.

Proposed changes in the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) and the implementation of the Employment Standards Act (ESA) in workplaces of caregivers were brought to the attention of the federal and provincial levels of government and have generated positive response from legislators, both federal and provincial, as well as a number of political party leaders.

Read the whole story here. So it seems like some positive changes might come out of this tragedy. At least in Canada. What about in the Philippines? Will there be policy changes that would make our government more responsive to the plight of overseas Filipino workers? Nah. Wishful thinking yata.

Here’s Jonathan Canchela’s take on the matter:

Maybe the repatriation issue was over, but it still reminds us about one inconvenient reality which is how bureaucratic our Philippine government officials have been doing when dealing with OFW issues.

The government is good for sending its people out of the country, but when problems arise the government seems to crumble around and use any technicalities available to fence off themselves away from their own people.

Poor Filipino migrants. It is they who toil very hard in a foreign land to help their family and country. It is they who toil very hard in a foreign land away from their family to help boost the economy of their country. But when they need help from their government they have to go through a maze-like process. Why?

So why is it that the government seemed passing the buck to Filipino organizations and to the Filipino migrants themselves whenever a situation or problem such as what happened to Jocelyn comes up? Still I ask, why?

Why indeed! Read Jonathan’s article here. Note that according to his article, meron naman yatang sufficient funds ang Philippine embassy sa Canada.

For our Jocelyn Dulnuan coverage, click here. You should also check out Gina Dizon’s article on Jocelyn.

INFO SOURCE: Philippine Reporter and the JDSC. PHOTO CREDIT: Migrante via Philippine Reporter.

3 thoughts on “Dulnuan Updates”

  1. It’s so touching so see so many kababayans and strangers come together to give what they could to bring this poor girl’s body back. What a shame that her RICH employer wouldn’t or didn’t do the right thing. Kudos to you Bill for the updates and to all the organizers who aided the Dulnuans in their time of grief. God Bless!

  2. Hi Omom,
    True indeed. I was amazed looking at the names and the different organizations who extended a hand to her and to her family. It’s reassuring to know that our culture of pagtutulungan is very much alive. Thanks.

    Hi Adb,
    Thanks. And may the officials who should be protecting OFWs abroad not rest in peace until they have done their duties. Thanks again.

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