Dulnuan Update: Suspect Arrested

Thanks to Imie for tipping us of on this latest development.

From the Toronto Sun:
Peel Regional Police took a Toronto man into custody last night and charged him with first-degree murder in the Mississauga mansion slaying of a housekeeper, the Sun has learned.

Details were scarce but police acknowledged they will hold a news conference at 10 a.m. today to outline the case against Christian Figueroa, 35, whose arrest came after an extensive 11-week investigation that has seen up to 24 detectives working around the clock.

“I can confirm that an arrest has been made,” Peel homicide Insp. Norm English said early this morning.

“But more information will not be made available until later this morning.”

Peel police had promised an arrest in the Jocelyn Dulnuan case by Christmas.

Figueroa was arrested on a Toronto street by Peel homicide detectives and taken to into custody without incident. He was held overnight and will appear for his first court appearance at Brampton’s Davis Court this morning.

Dulnuan, a 27-year-old from the Philippines with family in Hong Kong, had been in Canada for less than a year when she was slain Oct. 1 inside a massive $15-million gated mansion on Doulton Place.

The white mansion with marble lions in the front, just off of Mississauga Rd., is owned by Dr. Jayshree Chanchlani and her businessman husband, Vasdev.

They have not spoken publicly about the murder but have been “supportive and co-operative,” police say.

The homicide shocked Mississauga and police called solving it their top priority.

Since the incident, more than 100 people have been interviewed in what police have called an extremely complicated case.

Police were tight-lipped about the arrest, other than to say they are pleased they were able to make the arrest they have been working toward for several weeks.

They had tipped their hand that they were close to an arrest on Nov. 27 when English said: “We now have a very, very good idea of what happened. It’s just a matter of running down all of the leads.”

Dulnuan was a wife and mother of one who had come to this country to live the Canadian dream. Instead she ended up the victim of a heinous murder. Police say robbery was the initial motive for the killer to have entered the expansive compound.

“We are confident we are on the right track but there are certain pieces of the puzzle that need to be completed,” English told the Sun last month. “There are 101 roads to go down and right now we have reached road 80.”

One detective told the Sun there is still a lot of work to be done despite the arrest. “This is still an on-going investigation,” he said.

Early indications are Figueroa was not previously known to police.

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3 thoughts on “Dulnuan Update: Suspect Arrested”

  1. If this is the “right” suspect, hope he cracks and rats on all his accomplices as well as the leader of the pack. Late Jocelyn’s families need to have closure to this. The Aruba case should never happen to this case wherein suspects were arrested, released…
    months later suspects were rearrested, a few days later all suspects were relesed and case is closed. That’s nerve wracking to the late Ms Natalie’s parents.
    Cheers and goodhealth…..

  2. we are watching this very closely and the authorities know that the mammoth fiipino community is watching this case very closely…

    that is the difference between this and the aruba case

    the whole community is behind it not to mention the fact that we are igorots and ifugaos:)

    seriously, we are not going to be satisfied until we know how Jocelyn was killed and why they have to end her life if they only wanted to rob the place.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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