Cordillera’s Most Wanted

Are you wanted by the police? Did you make it to their Top 20 Most Wanted Persons in the Cordilleras? If you didn’t, what are you doing there just sitting in your butt? You should do something now so you will make it to their next “Most Wanted” installment. Of course, if you get caught, you should be prepared to spend time in Bilibid or the Women’s Correctional. So, on second thoughts, you are better off just sitting in your butt. And to paraphrase Joey Tribbiani, “Don’t do the crime, so you won’t do the time.”

Now, the Philippine National Police has a list of our kailiyans who somehow found themselves in trouble with the law. You know, of course, that we are not fans of how the police do their work mainly because a lot of them just can’t keep their mouths shut when there’s a high profile crime that’s getting media attention. In the Julia Campbell case for instance, we had several police officers yakking about bloodied pestles and bloodied pairs of pants and still-in-good-shape-digital-cameras which might yield clues, etc., etc, etc. It turns out later that all that talk and speculations by our police friends yielded a net evidence of zero. Okay, maybe we are being unfair. Maybe it’s not a net evidence of zero but the police did talk a lot about bloodied things which turned out to be nothing.

Anyways, just because we are not fans of how our friends do their policing work doesn’t mean that we will not help them when they need help. Effective crime prevention and the apprehension of criminals involve community participation. Kaya dapat tulungan din natin sila kung kinakailangan. So, in case you know the PNP’s Most Wanted People from the Cordilleras, you might want to send a tip to our police kailiyans. Naks, are we becoming some kind of a police mouthpiece here?

On second thoughts, we decided not to publish the names in this blog but you can find it here [Cordillera’s Most Wanted]. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we chickened out. But before you judge us for being chickens, consider the following questions we asked ourselves before we pressed the publish button: What if the police made a mistake and wrote a wrong name? What if the people in the list will sue us, stalk us, shoot us? What if, in the future after they served their time, these people try to lead a new life, are we going to deny them that chance by haunting them with information about their past?

Since the internet can potentially store information forever till the world ends and since authorities and prospective employers apparently use Google to background check people, the last question in the preceding paragraph convinced us to not publish the names here. But as a compromise, since we already spent some time writing the first three paragraphs and since we want to help our police friends, here’s the link to where you can read the names of our Most Wanted kailiyans.

2 thoughts on “Cordillera’s Most Wanted”

  1. Numbers 3, 4, and 8 say nothing about Offenses committed. Maybe they are just wanted because they failed to pay some utang from the police outpost sari-sari store?

  2. Hi Nashman,
    Or maybe lespu din sila and that their kasamahan didn’t want to embarras them further by adding info on whatever it is they did hehe.

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