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A Very Sad Story of the Day

This is a really sad story. Stolen from the Northern Philippine Times Blog:

BAGUIO CITY – The police and National Bureau of Investigation are now investigating Baguio General Hospital staff here after one of the latter allegedly forcibly pulled off the head of a baby from her body making it roll on the floor while the mother was delivering birth.

After three miscarriages, 22-year-old Amy Diaz and her 24-year-old husband, Bernabe, a gasoline attendant, were expecting their first-born to be christened Ayesa Bea Mae on Easter Sunday.

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Text Message of the Day

The Baguio police denies ever having sent the text message below which is supposedly meant to warn the public of kidnapping attempts in the city:

“4ward po e2 ng Baguio City Police Office: positive and2 baguio mga nagki2dnap kids. Take note of d ff plate #’s VMM 507, OPD 434, VXE 351. Pls send 2 all ur family and frends.”

There’s no proof that vehicles with said plate numbers exist according to a policeman. Head over to Sunstar for the details.

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Recto of the North?

Is Baguio the educational center of the north? Maybe. Lately though, it seems like it’s developing a reputation as the place where Koreans can get a quickie diploma. Last November, for instance, the Koreatimes reported this:

Twenty-three incumbent and former military officers and officer cadets were caught for having used fake university diplomas during their application for officer training, a lawmaker said Friday.

According to Rep, Song Young-sun of the Grand National Party, the Ministry of Defense recently withdrew its appointment of 13 incumbent and two former officers for allegedly fabricating diplomas from A.T. College in Baguio, the Philippines, to submit to the ministry for verification of their academic record.

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Fire in Kisad

Can you imagine what could have happened if the fire which gutted the driver’s seat above reached this truck’s fuel tank? Baguio would have an unimaginable disaster in its hands if the tank was full of gasoline.

Report from Richard Balonglong: (via Art Tibaldo)

A fuel delivery truck (plate # UKN 956), passing along Kisad Rd. Baguio City, caught fire inside the driver’s area. The fire started around 9:00 in the morning of February 29, 2008.

Six people were injured: Juanito Uy, the driver of the fuel delivery truck; his wife Rosalie Calibos who suffered 2nd degree burn; their two children — Samuel (4yrs old) and Jasmine Joy (1 yr and 4months old); the driver’s helper, Mr. Nathan; and a passerby Mr. Rodrigo Halog Salango.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

We hope that the victims of this tragedy will recover from the wounds they sustained. More photos after the jump. Don’t click if you are squeamish.
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