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Congress Watch: It’s Your Money, Folks

Of course we all know that some people want to become Congressman/Congresswoman because they want to serve their constituents. And, of course, we also know that public service is not its own reward because congressional representatives have this thing called pork barrel (or Priority Development Assistance Fund) which they are allowed to disburse according to their heart’s content.

In Tagalog, bahala sila kung ano ang kanilang gagawin sa pera. We should bear in mind though that a Congressman’s or Congresswoman’s pork barrel is not really his/her own money but our money. So there should be no reason for us to be indebted to our congressional representatives mainly because they brought a project to our area. It’s not as if they used their own personal funds. Right?

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List of Winners: Cordillera Region

Something weird is going on with Blogger/Blogspot because it no longer allows changes in previous posts, thus we can no longer add updates to the provincial results. Because of this, we are putting the most recent results from the Cordilleras here in a common post. These updates are courtesy of the bibaknets-yahoogroup forwarded to us by one of its members.

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Apayao Election Results

Note: We will continue to update the results as soon as we get new data. In the meantime, you might want to share your thoughts on the lighter side of Cordillera politics.

UPDATE 2: Now that the election canvass in Apayao is over, we’d like to thank you for visiting this blog. We hope you continue to visit us in the future. Meanwhile, you might want to join us in our playful attempt to put words in the mouths of our Cordillera politicians here. In case you are interested in more election-related news from the Cordilleras, we have some links for you here. Lastly, you might want to read our post in honor of our kailiyans who died working for a peaceful election here.

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