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Ifugao tops the 2006 National Assessment Test for the elementary level according to the Philippine Information Agency. The same report states that Baguio ranks first in the secondary level.

Meanwhile, the Mt. Province General Comprehensive High School, introduces Igorot culture to the world via an international schools Cyberfair. Check out their informative website, which seeks to: “Show the unification and collaboration between old world tradition and modern technology.” Kind of like this blog eh?

And in Benguet, more farmers are shifting to cut-flower production because of continuing vegetable importation. Paging the economist President, didn’t you say that globalization will lead us to the Promise Land?

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The List, Part 7: Chandu and Alyce Claver

When someone texted me that Chandu and Alyce Claver were ambushed, I took time out from my busy day to pray for them. I’m not a prayerful person and I don’t personally know the victims but if you come from the Cordilleras ( Kalinga and Mt. Province in particular) you would know that the Claver name is a good family name and it would not be hard to feel for the family when any of them is in danger.

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Our "Listers" in Pictures

Originally, the plan to list Igorot achievers here in From the Boondocks (FtB) was to mention them one time and then move on to other topics. However, we often come across photographs of our Listers (let’s call them by this term, okay) that are just too good to pass. Look for instance at the photo of Justice Romeo Brawner. Wouldn’t you post that if you have a blog honoring Igorot achievers?

So we decided to also post interesting photographs of our Listers and, when the occasion demands, to do updates on them.

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The List, Part 5: Soldiers, Rebels, Rebel-soldiers, Activists, and Martyrs

BROTHERS ALL: From top (left to right): Bangit, Dulinayan, Lippad, Bumidang, Batan, Aleo, Ngayaan marker, and Allaga.

As promised, here’s the part of The List where we talk about soldiers, soldiers-turned-rebels, rebels, activists, activists-turned-rebels, and those who were killed because of their political beliefs a.k.a. martyrs. Our “Listers” will be listed in alphabetical order.

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